Introducing The Daily Rally Podcast

A couple years ago, I figured out something very important about how my girlfriends consumed sports news: They didn’t.

As a recent college graduate who was on the dance team at the University of Florida, reported on all sports as a student and was beginning my career at the PGA TOUR, I had come to realize I was my friends’ source for sports news. I found that my female friends wanted to know what was happening in sports, felt an allegiance to their teams and found sports fun and interesting, but they weren’t going to turn on SportsCenter or follow a bunch of sports writers on Twitter.

I began wondering why there wasn’t a solid sports news outlet geared toward the female fan. And I’m not talking about some watered-down, pandering trash that’s wrapped in a pink bow and called “sports for women.” I mean, why was there nothing that discussed sports in the same way women actually talk to each other? There are about a billion fashion blogs, lifestyle brands and female-centric sites, but nothing about sports.

And so The Daily Rally was born. To start, I wanted to write a daily (well, by daily, I mean five days a week; come on) email newsletter that you could read in five minutes to catch up on the best viral videos, game results from the night before and stories from off the field. I wanted to make it funny, light, informative and human-interest oriented. I also wanted to make sure that avid sports fans and novices alike could enjoy the content. Women who want to get more into sports and avid female fans both deserve a solid piece of content written with them in mind. And. It. Wasn’t. Going. To. Be. Pink.

The newsletter is basically an aggregation of the stories I naturally bring up to my friends and videos I would send them on Instagram. From there I learned a couple things: 1. It’s not just young professional women who want a quick, humorous, informative way to keep up with sports news. A lot of guys were looking for this in their lives, too. 2. Becoming a morning person was going to be extremely difficult for me.

From there, I started making video content. I wanted to grow The Daily Rally brand to more than the daily morning newsletter, and a podcast had always been in the back of my mind. Enter Heavy. Together, we’re taking The Daily Rally voice to the airwaves with a weekly, hour-long (ish) podcast.

The Daily Rally Podcast will feature guests from all walks of life. Episodes will start with me and a friend discussing current sports news before going into an interview with a different guest. To kick things off, we have released three new episodes! We really wanted to hit the ground running.

Below you can listen to my conversations with Sergio Garcia’s wife Angela Garcia, the guys from Total Frat Move and Post Grad Problems, and SVP of Communications for the PGA TOUR Laura Neal.

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes, follow The Daily Rally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube, and sign up for The Daily Rally newsletter. We want to hear your thoughts, so join in the conversation. Happy Listening. Get Up and Rally!

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