Colin Kaepernick’s Odds of Signing With 49ers After Jimmy Garoppolo’s Injury

Colin Kaepernick

Getty The odds of Colin Kaepernick return to the San Francisco 49ers are out.

Is a Colin Kaepernick reunion with the San Francisco 49ers in the cards? While it seems unlikely at this point, apparently, we can’t put the idea to bed just yet. After ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed the news of Jimmy Garoppolo’s torn ACL Monday, odds came out on the team potentially signing Kaepernick.

And as Bet Online revealed, it’s a longshot, but it’s not the craziest odds I’ve seen.

When looking at the odds, there’s no denying that it’s believed to be unlikely to happen, but +400 isn’t quite as large as I originally expected. The 49ers could consider this move, but there’s been no word about that being a possibility yet.

While the idea of Kaepernick returning to the 49ers may seem a bit crazy to wrap your head around, it’s not something fans are tossing aside. While reactions poured in after the news of Garoppolo’s injury, there were quite a few people calling for the team to bring back Kaepernick.

Reactions of Fans Calling for Colin Kaepernick

Just a Tryout – a Tryout!


It’s Never Too Soon for Kaepernick Talk

Well Done Here

Getting Creative With the Kaepernick Push

Even Actual Football Analysis Points to It Making Sense

We’ve Got Hot Takes Coming In!

Realistic Chances 49ers Re-Sign Kaepernick

It’s tough to envision the 49ers opting to go this route, even if it may be the right (and best) move for the team. After already lining up a workout with the aforementioned Savage, it seems Kaepernick is unlikely to get a call from his former team.

That’s not to say the former NFL signal caller won’t get another chance in the league. But maybe the front office simply believes things ended in a way that makes a potential reunion somewhat unrealistic.

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