Kelly Stafford, Matthew Stafford’s Wife: 5 Fasts Facts You Need to Know

Kelly Stafford, Kelly Hall

Getty Kelly Stafford, then Kelly Hall, poses with then-boyfriend Matthew Stafford.

It’s hard to believe but it has now been 10 years since Matthew Stafford was drafted by the Detroit Lions but here we are.

The Lions quarterback has had some injury concerns early in his career but he has remained healthy as of late which has certainly helped the Lions.

Off the field, Stafford and his wife, Kelly, welcomed their third child in August. The couple has been married since 2015 after being engaged for a year.

Here’s what you need to know about Kelly Stafford.

1. Matthew and Kelly Met While Students at Georgia

Before Matthew Stafford was a star in Detroit, he shined at the University of Georgia at quarterback. Matthew and Kelly were both parts of the Bulldogs but in different ways, Matthew was the quarterback while Kelly was a cheerleader.

Matthew was the quarterback for three years at Georgia amazing 7,731 yards and 51 touchdowns which in turn made him the number one pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.

It’s not entirely clear how the two met in the first place but we imagine it came after a Bulldogs game. Kelly graduated from Georgia in 2007 while Matthew spent an extra year there, leaving in 2008.

2. Kelly and Matthew Have Three Children Together

The Staffords welcomed another baby, Hunter Hope Stafford, in August that many fans were worried about since it meant Matthew could have possibly missed a game during the season.

Before this child, the couple welcomed twins into the world. No, Matthew did not miss any games because of either of the births. The twins are named Sawyer and Chandler.

Matthew has said he enjoys being a feather but also says it’s a lot of work, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“It’s good,” Stafford said to the Free Press. “A lot of work, but tons of fun. And only going to get better I’m sure.”

3. Kelly’s Brother, Chad Hall, Played in the NFL

Kelly Stafford's brother Chad Hall.

GettyKelly Stafford’s brother Chad Hall.

Kelly Stafford may have married an NFL player but her own brother had some NFL talent of his own.

Chad Hall, currently serving as a Buffalo Bills coach, came into the league undrafted. Hall played wide receiver at the United States Airforce Academy before joining the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010.

He had 15 receptions for 144 yards and two touchdowns during his NFL career. Hall is now entering his second season as an offensive assistant with the Bills.

4. Kelly Defended Matthew From Jalen Ramsey’s Comments

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Jalen Ramsey sounded off on just about every NFL quarterback in an interview with GQ. While he had some stronger criticisms for other players here’s what he had to say about Matthew Stafford:

You not a bad quarterback if you do what your team asks of you. Matthew Stafford, I think he’s straight. I don’t think he the best quarterback out there. But he do what he gotta do.

Kelly Stafford posted on her Instagram story criticizing the interview according to the Detroit Free Press.

“Can someone tell me why @gq magazine is interviewing @jalenramsey?” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I understand espn.. but not GQ…. there is nothing “GQ” about him…. Just seems like a complete waste of time and space…”

While she doesn’t necessarily dispute what was said about Stafford she instead says there is “nothing GQ” about the Jaguars DB. The Free Press does mention Ramsey is dating Lions wide receiver Golden Tate’s sister. That might make for some awkward get-togethers.

5. The Staffords Got Married in Georgia

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My everything. #family

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It’s fitting the marriage happened at the same place everything started. The marriage happened in 2015 and a lot of Matthew’s Lions teammates were there including Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson.

According to TMZ guests at the wedding received a pair of Nikes and a custom airbrushed trucker hat.

It’s not clear how many guests were actually in attendance but it certainly sounds like it was a memorable wedding.

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