WATCH: JaVale McGee Shows Off Ridiculous 3-Point Consistency

JaVale McGee

Getty Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee has apparently worked on his jump shot this NBA offseason.

JaVale McGee is known for quite a few things, both good and bad. The 7-foot big man is arguably one of the most athletic players his size in the NBA, but he’s also a consistent focus of’s Shaqtin’ a Fool show.

One thing McGee has never been known for during his 10-year NBA career is his ability to shoot three-pointers. But apparently that all changed when McGee joined the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA free agency this offseason.

In a video posted by Ball is Life, McGee didn’t just show off his range by knocking down shots behind the arc, he did it consistently and even made a few step-back jumpers.

To be clear, this isn’t just some “oh wow, that’s cool” moment. We’re talking about a player who has attempted 15 three-point attempts in his entire career … and made just one. That means McGee is shooting 0.67 percent from behind the arc over the span of 558 games.

It may not seem like a big deal to see McGee knocking down step-back three-point jumpers, but the big man went 0-of-9 during his two seasons with the Golden State Warriors. Maybe LeBron James asked for his new athletic teammate to work on his touch from distance.

In all seriousness, whatever McGee did this offseason in order to add this aspect to his game, he deserves a tip of the cap for. Now, Lakers fans will just have to wait and see if the 30-year-old can this during an actual NBA game.

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