• Lorena Delaguna: Woman Charged in Racist Attack on Black New York Jogger

    Lorena Delaguna of New York has been charged with attempted assault as a hate crime after throwing a bottle at a jogger while shouting the "N-word," police say.

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    Ken Dominic Arceo rescued a baby goat, which he named Shawarma, that had fallen into a pit & video of the goat reuniting with his mother went viral.

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    A video of a suspected drunk driver in California is raising eyebrows after the man is shown stumbling away from a crash scene while local police watch.

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    A New York man is going viral for calling a woman "fat," "ugly" and a "monkey" in a subway video uploaded to Twitter.

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    Dianna Ploss is a former New Hampshire radio host who filmed herself harassing a group of Nashua landscapers because they were speaking Spanish.