Report Cites ‘Sad’ Change in Jimmy Butler From Start of NBA Career

Jimmy Butler Trade


Sometimes change isn’t always for the best, and apparently, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler has undergone a massive change in his career. Since being drafted with the final pick of the first round in the 2011 NBA Draft, to the All-Star pushing for a trade this offseason, it seems different.

From an outsider’s perspective, it could just be typical NBA business. A frustrated player looking to land with a new team. But as Sam Amico of Amico Hoops revealed, the change to Butler’s personality has been massive.

So much so, that Amico revealed that a source called Butler’s change “sad because he was the best kid ever.”

“He was a humble country kid who was happy to be in the NBA,” one league source told Amico Hoops. “Now, he drinks $4,000 bottles of wine and thinks he is LeBron or D-Wade.

“It’s really sad because he was the best kid ever.”

Any young player entering the league is bound to go through changes. After all, these are college players who had very little money and went on to sign multi-million dollar contracts. Things change, people grow, life gets different – there’s no denying that.

Butler’s Handling of Trade Talks

Whether or not these comments about Butler actually are true is unknown, but this trade situation has brought an ugly side to light. When president and coach Tom Thibodeau met with Butler in an attempt to convince him to say, the All-Star seemingly shut it down quickly. It’s unlikely he has any issue with Thibodeau, but whatever problems Butler has with his teammates or the front office are apparently big.

Or they’re big in the eyes of the 29-year-old, at least.

Butler went from a list of three preferred destinations to pivoting days later and making the Miami Heat (not previously mentioned) his priority. From there, he made it known he doesn’t care where he lands, just that he wants a deal to be done. Butler simply wants out of Minnesota, but this situation can’t be overly exciting for potential suitors from a non-basketball standpoint.

Unless you’re on Butler’s shortlist, of course.

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