Konstantins Konstantinovs Dead: Bodybuilding Legend Dies at 40

Konstantins Konstantinovs, the former world record deadlift holder, has died at the age of 40. The Latvian native’s death was announced in an Instagram post from fellow bodybuilder, Cailer Woolman. Woolman, who goes by Doctor.Deadlife on Instagram, wrote, “RIP Big Guy. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet you; it was one of my favorite experiences during my trip to Russia. Thanks for all the inspiration over years.” Woolman later commented on the post, complaining about people asking about Konstantinovs’ cause of death, which has not been made public.

Konstantinovs’ Beltless Deadlift World Record Still Stands

In 2009, Konstantinovs set a raw deadlift world record by lifting 939.2 pounds without a belt. The record was broken by Eddie Hall in 2016 when he lifted 1,102.3 pounds, although that was with a belt. Konstantinovs’ belt less record still stands. In addition to his bodybuilding career, Konstantinovs worked as a bodyguard, according to Latvian outlet Sporta Centrs.

Konstantinovs Once Said, ‘You Should Always Keep in Your Mind That This Day May Be the Last for Us’

While the president of the World Raw Powerlifting Federation, Kirill Sarychev, also paid tribute to Konstantinovs, posting simply, “Rest in peace my friend,” on Instagram:

A second post included a quote from Konstantinovs that read, “You are able to lift as much as you want. You should always keep in mind that this day may be the last for us and the “next competition” will never happen…. So that, if you feel that you can lift the record today, never postpone it for tomorrow. Tomorrow may just will not come.” Those tributes were also posted to World RAW Powerlifting’s Facebook page.

Konstantinovs Used the Poetry of a Soviet Writer to Motivate Him Before Competitions

In a 2010 interview, Konstantinovs described how he got into bodybuilding. The late bodybuilder said, “At first I did gymnastics (from 6-year-old), then judo, then strength training. As a powerlifter, I have been training from 16 years old.” In 2015, Konstantinovs told Kiril Sarychev in an interview that he used poetry to get himself psyched up for competitions. He revealed that his favorite poet was the Soviet Union’s Vladimir Mayakovsky.

American Bodybuilder Dan Green Described Konstantinovs as Being ‘Very Passionate’ & Having ‘a Way With Words’

Another person to pay tribute to Konstantinovs was American bodybuilder Dan Green who wrote on Instagram, “KK is a lifter I personally idolized for his ferocious lifting style. I admired the way he transitioned from his own personal lifting career into an official of WRPF and someone who promoted the sport for younger lifters… As a man KK had as intimidating a presence as anyone could, but was always so gracious and warm to me and my wife. I’ve also seen him passionately reciting poetry, a pastime of his. Two favorite moments I remember from our 2014 trip to Sydney were first, in the warmup area before deadlifts, KK asked in a booming voice: “who has the talc?!” And everyone froze, perhaps momentarily fearing for their lives ??. Second, before the meet a few of his countrymen said they would not compete, only hold seminars. KK instructed them: Lift or die!! He was very passionate and had a way with words. They lifted of course ??
RIP KK ?.”

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