Philadelphia 76ers Forward Backs Carmelo Anthony on Twitter

Carmelo Anthony

Getty Images Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony

The Carmelo Anthony experiment with the Houston Rockets is pretty much over. After spending the offseason with the team, his stint could barely last a month. It’s not really shocking considering the way everything went down for Melo in New York, and Oklahoma City. Everybody assumed that Carmelo would gel in his situation with the Rockets, but everything grew sour quickly, and ultimately, Houston is moving on.

Where’s the next stop for Carmelo Anthony? Nobody could guess. At this point in his career, it’s getting difficult for teams to trust him. The 34-year-old star may not be in his prime, but he’s still got it to a certain extent. Teams that need a veteran shooter should be interested in what Carmelo could offer them for a reasonable price, but it’s going to be tough for teams to want to pull the trigger on signing Anthony considering his recent track record.

He’s been linked to a few teams, but other reports also suggest that this could be the end of the road for the 15-year-veteran. Anthony hasn’t been waived yet by the Rockets, and it doesn’t seem like they are in a rush to do so. But his days with Houston are over, and he will be looking to continue his career somewhere else, that’s for sure.

Who’s Showing the Most Interest?

There wasn’t a laundry list of potential landing spots for Carmelo, but based off of many reports, it sounds like the Philadelphia 76ers could be a realistic landing spot. As the team is doing all that they can to add valuable veteran pieces to compete, Carmelo Anthony could help the Sixers while coming off the bench if he’s willing to do so.

With the longtime veteran player, Elton Brand running the show in the Sixers front office, he’s rumored to be torn on whether he wants to bring in Melo or not. As a veteran player himself, Brand is quite familiar with Melo, and they actually have a pretty close relationship. But as the media continues to paint a picture about Melo, the Sixers seem very hesitant. However, one of their newer veterans on the squad publicly backed the soon-to-be free agent on Twitter.

Wilson Chandler Backs up Carmelo Anthony

The media hasn’t been too fond of Carmelo Anthony over the last few years. Clearly, his rumored locker room drama has been quite interesting to outsiders. Many former and current players have spoken on the potential issue that Melo is being ‘blackballed’ in the NBA, and it seems like Sixers forward Wilson Chandler feels the same way.

Clearly, Chandler doesn’t have a problem with Carmelo Anthony. And if he has any influence or shared views with the Sixers locker room/staff, then this could indicate that Carmelo Anthony could realistically fit in fine with the Sixers. Again, Elton Brand is very torn on the idea, but if their veteran players start to welcome the idea, then a move for the veteran could happen sooner than later.

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