Danica Patrick Reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ Donation

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Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are raising money to support those impacted by the California fires.

Aaron Rodgers announced he is donating $1 million to benefit the people impacted by the California fires, and Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick also encouraged fans to follow his lead. Patrick posted a message on Instagram about the fires and included Rodgers’ video.

The fires in northern California happened in the area Aaron grew up. He is donating 1 million dollars (amazing!!!!!) himself to the immediate and long term financial help needed to rebuild. In addition, his long time partner State Farm is donating a dollar for every retweet on twitter, up to 1 million dollars as well. Go to twitter and use the hashtag #retweet4good to help out. Thank you!?? @aaronrodgers12 @statefarm

Rodgers initially posted the video on Twitter sharing with fans about how the fires have impacted the area where he grew up.

“Please take a minute to watch this and if you can, take a few seconds to retweet this using the #retweet4good All the money goes to a great organization for the immediate needs and the recovery efforts for the #CampFireParadise Thank you ?? #ButteStrong #payitforward,” Rodgers tweeted.

Rodgers & Patrick Remained Friends Since Meeting at the 2012 ESPYs

Rodgers and Patrick initially met at the 2012 ESPYs and remained friends until things recently turned romantic. Rodgers noted the couple enjoys traveling, cooking and other normal things a typical couple enjoys doing together.

“We really enjoy traveling,” Rodgers explained to Artful Living. “She went on the trip to India and Africa, and we had a blast. And we’ve taken some trips domestically that have been fun. I’m a little further out there in my love for history; I want to go to historical sites around the world. She’s getting into it as well, but she’s spontaneous. She’s up for anything travel-wise, which is fun. She’s a good travel partner because she’s so laid-back and low-maintenance. And she’s a hell of a cook, so we love just staying in, too. She eats really healthy. She’s inspired me in that way.”

Patrick was a lifelong Bears fans before meeting Rodgers, but has traded in her old gear for green and yellow. Her family has not been as easily swayed to convert to the Packers. Patrick spoke with ESPN W about her newfound Packers fandom.

“Good. It’s fun. The first game of the year was obviously an absolute historic, amazing game and I’m sure one of Aaron’s top games in his head to come back from what they did in the first half and to win on top of being hurt,” Patrick told ESPN W. “It’s fun. The fun thing about them as a team is you just know they’ve got it in them, no matter what point in the game it is or what the score is or what the season is looking like — you always feel encouraged to cheer for them as a team. Aaron is a great leader and obviously an incredible player and he’s got some good guys behind him.”

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