Jen Roth, Charles Leno’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jennifer Roth was proposed to by Charles Leno Jr., after the Chicago Bears victory over the Packers on December 16. When asked by Bears’ beat reporter Mark Grote if he would have still popped the question had the Bears lost, Leno said, “I knew we would win.” With the 42-17 win, the Bears clinched the NFC North outright and achieved their first playoff appearance since 2010.

Thankfully, Roth said “Yes!” to Leno. Speaking to reporters after the game, Leno said that he hid the ring in a “very safe place.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Roth Says She ‘Excited’ to Stay in Chicago With Leno

Jennifer Roth Twitter page

Twitter/Jennifer RothRoth pictured on her Twitter page.

Roth maintains a blog, Through the Lens of Jens’ Life, which follows her and Leno’s adventures. In the About section, Roth writes, “Charles Leno Jr aka Len is my wonderful boyfriend who is also the Left Tackle for the Chicago Bears. He has been in this wonderful city of Chicago for 4 years & I am excited to say, he will be here for another 4 as he signed an extension in the preseason of last year!” Roth adds that she is the “chef and maid” at their home and that the couple has a dog, Kobe, together.

2. Roth Is a Graduate of 3 Colleges & Is a Charity Volunteer

Jennifer Roth Facebook

Facebook/Jennifer Roth

According to her LinkedIn profile, Roth says that she works as a Local Store Marketer for City Barbecue in Deerfield, Illinois. Roth is a sports management graduate from Columbia College Chicago and Eastern Illinois University. Roth also studied at the College of Lake County and attended high school at Lakes Community High School. Roth writes in her intro, “Experienced Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry and non-profit sector.” In addition, Roth has volunteered at numerous children’s, poverty and medical charities.

3. Roth Has ‘Worked With Every Sports Team in Chicago’

Jen Roth, Charles Leno Girlfriend

Instagram/Charles Leno Jr. Leno and Roth pictured together in April 2018.

Roth works as a clinical assistant and as a barista, according to her website. Roth writes that she has worked with “just about every professional sports team in Chicago.” Roth wrote in a September 4 Instagram post, “I will probably walk down the aisle with a hair tie on my wrist and I have grown to accept it.”

On her Facebook page, Roth writes in her Intro, “Die with memories, not not dreams.” Roth says on that page that she lives in Libertyville, Illinois. In a Facebook meme that Roth posted on November 8, she seemed to predict her engagement:

4. Roth Has Called Herself Leno’s ‘Biggest Crtici’

In a December 2 tweet, Roth said that she was her fiance’s “biggest critic.” She wrote, “One poor play at the end of the game, that could have been avoided, doesn’t take away the great game he had. If you don’t understand oline play, don’t talk.” Roth then felt the need to clarify that she was dating Leno in a subsequent tweet saying, “That’s my man. Literally. Had to put that out there for all the people asking why I’m so passionate about an O-Line guy lol.” Earlier, in October 2018, Roth documented the couple’s trip to Disneyworld in Orlando on Twitter.

5. Leno Signed $38 Million Extension With the Bears in 2017

Charles Leno Jr2016-01-01T03:02:32.000Z

Charles Leno Jr. is a native of San Leandro, California where he was a football and basketball star in high school. Leno was recruited by Boise State University and played for their Broncos between 2009 and 2013 as an offensive and left tackle. In 2014, Leno was drafted by the Bears in the seventh round, 246th overall. It was widely reported in August 2017 that Leno had signed a four-year $38 million extension with the Bears.

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