Joel Embiid Trolls Knicks Player After Step-Over on Giannis

Joel Embiid

Getty Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid

Knicks player Mario Hezonja had the fast break of his life Saturday night against the Milwaukee Bucks, where he was able to beat the defense with a euro step and evade a block by Giannis Antetokounmpo as he threw down a powerful dunk.

Hezonja was feeling himself after the dunk and made a point to step over Giannis, who had fallen to the ground after the block attempt.

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The Knicks ended up winning the game narrowly in overtime 136-134–a huge win for the struggling New York team–but step over is a gutsy move to pull on one of the most dominant players in the NBA and Hezonja is getting attention for it.

No other than Joel Embiid left a comment on the Instagram video, trolling the Knicks player for his flex on Giannis. He left a comment on the video saying, “Weird flex but ok.”

Joel Embiid Instagram comment Giannis

Joel Embiid left this Instagram comment on the IG video of Hezonja stepping over Giannis.

He’s probably referring to the fact that it is indeed a weird flex to step over one of the best players in the NBA after just one dunk. The step-over is one of the most disrespectful moves in the game, and Hezonja will have to back it up if he wants to be taken seriously.

That being said, he did throw a dunk down practically in Giannis Antetokounmpo’s face. And that’s definitely something to be proud of.

Either way, Hezonja will probably have a target on his back after this stunt, with a few more well-known players looking to put him in his place. Knowing Embiid, he’ll probably be one of them.

The Sixers Will Play the Knicks on December 19th

Joel might have the chance to teach Hezonja that lesson very soon. The Sixers will face off against the Knicks on December 19th. In their last meeting just a few days ago on November 28th, Embiid put up a team-high 26 points. Hezonja, a starter for the Knicks, had a respectable 17 in the loss.

Knowing Embiid’s affinity for trash talk and the fact that these two players will spend a lot of time together in the paint on the 19th, it’s pretty likely that Embiid will remember this video and use it to troll Hezonja in-game.

So stay tuned. Hezonja might’ve written a check he can’t cash.

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