Philip Rivers & Wife, Tiffany, Are Expecting 9th Child in March

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YouTube Philip Rivers' wife, Tiffany, pictured in a YouTube interview.

Philip Rivers and his wife, Tiffany Rivers, always wanted a big family. According to, the couple is expecting their ninth child in March 2019. The ages of their current children range from 16 to 3: Halle (16), Caroline (13), Grace (12), Gunner (10), Sarah (8), Peter (7), Rebecca (5) and Clare (3).

After admitting during several 2018 radio interviews that the couple was hoping not to stop at eight children, news of the couple’s ninth child broke right before the Chargers took on the Steelers on Sunday Night Football in early December.

Philip and Tiffany are devout Catholics and have been open about their commitment to using the Natural Family Planning method free from contraception.

Philip Rivers: Natural Family PlanningNFL quarterback Philip Rivers discusses Natural Family Planning (NFP).2016-12-18T04:01:26.000Z

“I think the biggest thing is to be with your best friend, and it starts right there, that’s the key I believe,” Philip explained to Life Teen. “NFP [Natural Family Planning] has a lot to do with the strength of our marriage. It allows the understanding that we’re on the same page. There’s discipline and sacrifice that comes with that so we’re able bond in many different ways. And the thing I’m most thankful for is that we’re both in the Church because you have an immediate bond. I don’t know any of these people here today but I already feel like we’re buddies just because we have that connection to the Church. That was important for my wife to be Catholic as well; she’s been great for me and also as a mom and wife.”

Tiffany Calls Philip the “Most Selfless Person I Know”

Who Knows Philip Rivers Best? His Center Nick Hardwick or wife Tiffany?Who knows more about Philip Rivers? Tiffany, his wife of 11 years, or his long-time center Nick Hardwick? I put them to the test…2012-07-17T06:38:43.000Z

Raising a family of eight (soon to be nine) children has its challenges, especially when you have the schedule of an NFL quarterback. Tiffany noted to that their family works so well because Philip puts the needs of their children above his own.

What it boils down to is he’s the most selfless person I know. He still surprises me. Obviously, wives know their husbands best, but he’s just really selfless. He comes home and when he’s home, he’s home. That’s it. He’ll look at film or whatever he needs to, but he’s very intuitive, too. He knows kind of who needs what at what time. I guess one thing that we love to do is just talk to our kids a lot so we kind of know where they’re at and what’s going on in all their lives. (It’s) a really constant thing that he’s really good at keeping up with, and not just keeping up with it but he seems to really enjoy it and I’ve really learned from him in that aspect. I think that was definitely a trait in his family where they spent time together not because they had to, (but) because they really wanted to. They’re a really close family so that’s definitely how we are, too.

The Rivers Family Still Lives in San Diego & Philip Commutes to Los Angeles

Philip Rivers Mobile QB Office | San Diego Union-TribuneIn order to remain a San Diegan, Rivers invested in just about the most L.A. vehicle ever. During the season he will make the commute from his San Diego home to the Chargers’ Costa Mesa facility. Essentially, his mode of transportation is a mobile man cave with the seats like those in a first class…2017-09-06T18:24:12.000Z

When the Chargers moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, Philip and Tiffany opted to keep the family in San Diego rather than move to a new city. Philip makes the long commute work thanks to a luxurious $200,000 SUV and a driver. This allows him to catch up on game film while being stuck in traffic.

“Every time we started driving back home, “it was like, ‘Gosh!’ We had the feeling of ‘Ohhhh,'” Philip explained to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “…You look around (when house hunting) and you kind of get excited. You know, ‘That’s a neat neighborhood.’ Then we’d be driving home and we’d get to about Carlsbad and say, ‘Gosh! I feel like we’re going home.’ It just felt that way…We’re just so thankful for what we have. That’s why we didn’t want it to change.”

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