Bradley Beal Could Be Lakers’ Plan B If They Don’t Get Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Getty New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis and the Lakers have been a rumored’ thing’ for some time, now.

WIth the NBA’s February 7th trading deadline rapidly approaching, the AD to LA talks don’t seem to be cooling off any time soon.

Just yesterday, a source shared with me that the Lakers will attempt to keep Kyle Kuzma “for dear life,” but that in the end, they’ll deal anyone other than LeBron James.

Another name that’s been hot in trade rumors has been guard Josh Hart, who’s continued to grow as a player and come into his own in Los Angeles.

But the source also cited that Hart was also one of the “untouchables” previously, but he could now be a part of a deal with the Pelicans.

Should the Lakers not be able to secure Davis this season, keep your eyes open for another potential candidate….

“Bradley Beal,” FS1’s Jason McIntyre told me on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. 

Getty ImagesBradley Beal of the Washington Wizards

“Bradley Beal, by the way, I don’t know if people have been paying attention, as soon as John Wall goes down with yet another injury, Bradley Beal has been on fire.”

He has a point there. 

Per NBC Sports:

Beal is on pace to set career-highs in scoring (24.4), rebounding (4.8), assists (4.8) and steals (1.3). Only four other players match each of those numbers: Harden, Curry, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Those aren’t just players. That’s a league MVP ballot.

Losing Wall took a five-time All-Star off the court. Washington is 7-4 without its point guard this season and 27-25 over the last two seasons. That’s not happening without the stats and style of the player many still consider the Wizards’ other All-Star guard.

That’s good company. 

“I mean the last like two or three weeks, Bradley Beal, I had him on my fantasy team, yes, ladies and gentlemen I play fantasy basketball,” Jason McIntyre tells Scoop B Radio.

“Bradley Beal’s been torching people, I mean he is just killing, but the problem  is: A. Who do you give up? And B. Would you be able to afford a free agent superstar like Jimmy Butler, like Kevin Durant, uh, whatever, uh, Klay who, I don’t think Klay’s leaving, but you got to toss him out there because he’s a free agent. So my guess is that LeBron looks around the roster, sees that Kuzma is playing out of his mind.”

So now what? 

“Lonzo has shown improvement,” says McIntyre.

“Ingram maybe, I think that if there’s going to be a change, It’s more likely to be Brandon Ingram to the second unit so he gets more time on the court without LeBron. I do say Brandon Ingram is a closer cause he’s one of the better defenders.”




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