BreAnne LaFleur, Matt LaFleur’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

BreAnne LaFleur

BreAnne LaFleur Facebook

BreAnne LaFleur is Matt LaFleur’s wife, who is the new head coach for the Green Bay Packers. The married couple have two sons together: a six-year-old named luke, and a four-year-old named Ty.

LaFleur has spent the last two years as an offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans.  Now, it looks like he and his family will be heading up to the Wisconsin area for his big time role with the Packers.

Matt LaFleur is 39 years old, and is now the third-youngest NFL coach, according to The Tennessean. At his first press conference as the head coach of the Packers on January 9, LaFleur got emotional when talking about his family, per reporter Andrew Siciliano, saying that his wife was the “rock” of the family and explaining, “I’m all about family.”

According to another reporter, Kalyn Kahler, LaFleur’s youngest son then became choked up himself, crying after his dad began to get emotional.

Here’s what you need to know about Matt & his wife BreAnne’s relationship:

1. BreAnne LaFleur Used to Work for a Pharmaceuticals Company

FacebookMatt and BreAnne LaFleur

According to The TennesseanBreAnne LaFleur had a job selling pharmaceuticals in Ohio in 2007, when her husband was offered a job coaching at Northern Michigan. She quit her job and they moved to pursue his coaching aspirations, the publication reports.

BreAnne’s Facebook reveals that she attended Marcellus High School in Marcellus, Michigan. It also reflects a few of the places where she and her husband have moved to, including Houston, Texas, Ashland, Ohio, and Marquette, Michigan.

To MLive in 2010, BreAnne shared her experience about the effort of moving for Matt’s Washington Redskins job.  “There’s a lot of work to do. I have a career (as a pharmaceutical representative), where there aren’t a ton of jobs available. Hopefully I can find a position where I can transfer. Then we have to get a moving company… It’ll be one of the easier moves we’ve made since I won’t have to do everything.”

2. BreAnne & Matt LaFleur Have Two Sons, Luke & Ty

FacebookMatt and BreAnne LaFleur

BreAnne and Matt have two young sons together, named Luke and Ty. Luke is six years old, and Ty is four years old, according to UND. 

In addition to their family of four, Matt has a brother who he is close to, his younger brother Mike. Mike has joked that the LaFleur family home is similar to the awards wall in the movie Meet the Fockers, according to The Tennessean, because of how filled with memorabilia and awards it is.

LaFleur’s sons are often present at his press conferences at game. One of his sons began to cry at his press conference, apparently overcome with emotion after seeing his father become overcome with emotion.

3. BreAnne’s Maiden Name is ‘Maak’

According to UND, BreAnne’s name prior to marrying Matt was BreAnne Maak. Besides the photos she posts on Facebook, little is known about BreAnne, including how she met Matt or whether she is still working in the pharmaceutical industry in 2019.

4. BreAnne Often Posts About Her Husband & Boys on Social Media

breanne lafleur

FacebookMatt and BreAnne LaFleur

BreAnne often posts about her family on social media, primarily her husband and boys.

On Father’s Day in 2017, LaFleur tagged Matt’s father and her mother in a series of photos, writing, “Happy Father’s Day to the main men in my life!! I am beyond blessed because of the impact you have all made on me!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for me and my boys!!! We love you Daddy, Big Papa, and Papa D!!!”

In June 2017, LaFleur posted a photo of the home she and her family used to live in and were moving away from, writing, “So many memories, but so very thankful that our house sold in less than 30 days!!!”

5. LaFleur’s Mother Is a Cheerleading & Athletics Coach; His Father Is a Former Football Coach

Matt LaFleur’s parents are named Kristi and Denny LaFleur, and their football roots go deep. Denny was a linebacker for Central Michigan, and Kristi was a cheerleader, according to The Tennessean. 

Both Denny and Kristi LaFleur were physical education teachers and coaches at Mount Pleasant High School from the 90s to 2015, when they retired, according to The Green Bay Press Gazette.

To The Tennessean, Matt LaFleur said of his mother, “I’ve learned so much from my mom, watching her with her teams and how positive she was with those kids, and just how powerful that is. If people know you believe in them, it raises their play and their confidence in what they can do.”

Of his father, Matt said to MLive in 2009, “He was always with me on the sidelines. He got that college experience from an early age. He was there for all of the home games, the away games. Even for bowl games, he was right there with me.”

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