Cameron Champ’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cameron Champ’s family includes his mothers, Lisa and Jeff, his three siblings, and his grandfather, Mack Champ, who inspired his love of golf at an early age.

Champ is biracial; his father’s side of the family are African-American, according to the Golf Channel. Champ’s grandfather has spoken out about the racism he has endured in his life as a golfer, and how African-Americans were often banned from playing golf at public course.

Champ often cites his grandfather as his source of inspiration and support. Mack said to Golf Channel, “I tell Cameron it’s not just where you come from. It’s where you’re going.”

Champ also appears to have a girlfriend, who he has posted about on Instagram, but whose name is not known.

Here’s what you need to know about Cameron Champ’s family:

1. Champ’s Parents, Lisa & Jeff Champ, Have Four Children, Two of Whom Were From a Prior Relationship of Lisa’s

According to Golf, Jeff Champ met his wife, Lisa, when she was a single mother with two children. The pair were married, and shortly after they had two children, Cameron and his sister Madison.

The Champ “family business” involved selling trophies, t-shirts, and team uniforms, the publication reports. Currently, the Champ family resides in San Antonio.

Per Golf, Jeff Champ was a successful collegiate baseball player at San Diego State, and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. He played baseball for two years before marrying Lisa.

According to the PGA Tour site, Champ’s siblings are his sisters Madison and Melissa, and his brother Brent.

2. It Was Champ’s Grandfather, Mack Champ, Who Introduced Him to Golf

Mack Champ, the father of Jeff Champ and the grandfather of Champ, was the one who introduced him to golf. Mack told Golf that he would pick his grandson up from school every day and take him to play golf at nearby courses, playing nine holes, hitting balls, and more.

Mack said to the publication, “He’d wear me out. I’d say, ‘I’m tired, I got to go home.’ And he’d start crying.”

He continued, “Cameron would hit balls over the house, back and forth. He’d hit it through the limbs of that tree. I was his teacher until he was about 11. A lot of time, he’d overthink things. I’d tell him that you just had to be natural, like Sam Snead. Whatever the shot calls for, you hit that shot. If you do it right 70 percent of the time, you’re going to have a pretty good score. I made it fun for him.

Now he has a game that’s foreign to me. They say on Golf Channel that you got to be able to explain your swing but sometimes you can’t. The speed Cameron has, no teacher could teach it. I’m not a physicist, but I can tell you that.”

3. Champ’s Sister, Madison, Is Autistic, & Is a ‘Hell of a Golfer,’ According to Mack Champ

In the past, Cameron has given shout-outs to his sister, Madison, on Instagram. Last April, Champ posted a picture of her and wrote, “Inspiring us all, from where you started and where you are now it’s truly amazing and I’m one proud big brother, love you sis #diddles#acceptance”

According to Golf, Madison struggles to verbally communicate but often uses text messages in lieu of speaking. She is also a “hell of a golfer,” according to Mack Champ, who added to Golf, “She can hit that ball, and she could putt for her brother.”

The publication also notes that Champ often wears a blue shirt on tournament Sundays, as a form of recognizing the Autism Speaks movement.

4. In 2017, Champ Shared a Heartfelt Story About His Grandfather’s Surprise Kidney Match & Surgery

Champ usually keeps his social media feed focused on his career, but he will occasionally post about his personal life and relationships. In December, he posted an Instagram about how special it was for him to gift his father with a Rolex watch, “as a symbol of my appreciation for all of his sacrifices and years of dedication in helping me to achieve my dreams.”

In another extremely personal post, Champ wrote in 2017 about the profound moment when his family found out that his grandfather had been matched with a kidney donor and would receive the surgery he so desperately needed. Champ wrote in part,

“We got a call this afternoon that the kidney is a match and my grandpa at this moment is being prepped for surgery. Needless to say we are elated. God has a plan for us all. We will be forever grateful to the family that during their time of loss was willing to think of how they can bless the life of someone else.”

A year later in August, Champ called out his grandfather once more for his supportive role in his life. Champ wrote, “The greatest man alive, the man I look up to for his wisdom and positivity no matter what goes on in my life on and off the course. You’re strength and sacrifice gave me the opportunity to play the game I love and I can never thank you enough.”

5. Champ Shared a Photo of His Girlfriend on Instagram in December: ‘I’m One Lucky Guy’

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One lucky guy!!!❤️

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Champ appears to be dating a woman that he posted about on Instagram in December, though virtually nothing is known about who she is or how long they’ve been dating for.


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