Pam & Michael Morgan, Alex’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alex Morgan Mom

Getty Alex Morgan pictured with her mom, Pam Morgan.

Alex Morgan consistently notes that she would not be one of the best women’s soccer players in the world without her parents, Pamela and Michael Morgan. Alex grew up 25 miles East of Los Angeles in Diamond Bar, California, per ESPN W.

Alex’s husband Servando Carrasco along with her parents are a big part of her support system. Alex also has two older sisters, Jeni and Jeri, that she grew up trying to emulate. It was her parents’ sacrifice that helped Alex advance her career and eventually become the face OF the USWNT.

“Alex never wanted to be famous,” Alex’s sister Jeri told ESPN W. “I don’t think that’s something she ever thought about. But she caught on really quick. It seemed like in a year, it was like, ‘Wow, you act even older than me!’ ”

Alex’s dad, Michael, owned a construction business and learned the game of soccer to connect with his daughter. Michael even coached Alex’s team as he learned about the sport. Alex’s mom, Pam, was her encourager no matter what the result was on the field.

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1. As a 7-Year-Old Kid, Alex Wrote Her Mom, Pam, a Letter About Her Dream to Be a Pro Soccer Player

After Alex’s sister wrote their mom a note about her dream to be a model, Alex grew inspired as well and told her mom that she wanted to be a pro soccer player. Alex detailed her thought process behind the note in an article she penned for The Players’ Tribune.

I still don’t know why I wrote what I did. I had never watched a women’s soccer match on TV. I didn’t know there was a professional league. I didn’t even know that women’s soccer was a thing beyond playing for fun. But one day I went with my older sister to our mom’s office. My sister found the yellow pad, and wrote a note to Mom saying what she wanted to be when she grew up.

She wanted to be a model.

And so I was like, Well, I’m gonna write a note too. And I’m gonna stick it up there so Mom sees it. I took the pad, grabbed a pen, and scribbled down my dream.

“I am going to be a professional athlete for soccer! Love always, Ali Cat.”

2. Alex’s Dad, Michael, Owned a Construction Business & Picked Up Girls Around the City to Take to Soccer Practice

Alex’s dad was an early riser thanks to the construction business that he owned. The work didn’t end when he left his job as he also took Alex to soccer practice several days a week.

Not only did he take Alex to practice, Michael picked up other girls that needed a ride so the team had enough kids to play. Alex’s father also coached the team as the soccer star detailed for The Players’ Tribune.

A couple of times a week, my dad would pick me up from school and drive me to training. He had no clue about soccer, but he was so present, especially given what he was going through. He owned a construction business that was nearly bankrupt. He’d leave for work at 5 a.m., and yet he still had the energy to take me and six other girls to training, driving all over the city to pick them up. He kind of had to, really, otherwise we didn’t have enough players for a full team.

3. Alex’s Mother Noted that She Used to Study Her Sisters Growing Up

Alex grew up being very aware of her environment, including her siblings. Pam noted to ESPN W that Alex was obsessed with studying her two sisters when she was growing up.

“If you can imagine Alex sitting there, watching, observing, before she made her move,” Pam told ESPN W. “That has seen her through her life.”

Alex admits to being a planner, and it is something that has helped her on the soccer field. It is also an attribute that she uses in her everyday life.

“It’s hard for me to do anything on the fly,” Alex noted to ESPN W. “Like if we’re going to a restaurant, I scope out the best eight restaurants and then I narrow it down. I’m just very decisive. And I guess I’ve always had these — I don’t know, these terms. Like when I was younger, I wanted to be with someone for at least five years, I wanted to get married by the time I was 25 and have kids by the time I was 27.”

4. Alex Described Her Mom as “Wonder Woman” as She Went Back to School for Her MBA While Working

Alex’s mother went back to school to get her MBA, taking night classes while still working her normal job. Alex wrote a letter to her younger self for The Players’ Tribune in 2016 and described her mom as “Wonder Woman.”

Mom is the family’s very own version of Wonder Woman. She just started taking night classes to earn her MBA so she can continue to help provide everything you and your sisters need. (Some nights, when she’s not around to make dinner, Jenny, who is all of 13 years old, fills in … and she’s become a really great cook! You’ll love her chicken enchiladas.) Mom has virtually no time off. Monday through Friday, she’s either working or going to school. So her only breaks are on the weekends. But you know better than anyone that she’s not using those days to sleep in or relax. She’s sacrificing her Saturdays and Sundays so you and your sisters can participate in sports.

5. Alex’s Dad Surprised Her With a $320 Pair of Cleats

Michael was more of a “baseball guy,” but when he saw his daughter take up soccer he quickly learned about the sport. Alex’s dad took referee classes to learn about the sport his daughter loved. When Alex was young, his dad surprised her by taking her to the sporting goods store for a new pair of cleats.

Michael asked the salesman to bring out the best cleats they had in the store. Alex left with a $320 pair as she noted to The Players’ Tribune.

He’ll take you to the sporting goods store, walk you back to the shoe department, find a salesperson and then say to that guy, “Can you bring us the very best cleats that you have?”

Your mouth will drop when you hear those words. You’ll think you might be dreaming. But it’s going to be real, Alex.

And get this: The cleats that salesman comes back with are going to be $320.

When you see the price tag, you’re not going to know what to do. You’ll be thinking about all the things your dad could’ve bought for himself with that money — some new pairs of jeans, or replacement tires, or his own pair of top-of-the-line shoes. So you’ll kind of freeze there for a second.

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