Jason Brown’s Salary: How Much Money Did ‘Last Chance U’ Coach Make?

Last Chance U Coach

Twitter Last Chance U coach Jason Brown pictured with his new book.

Please be advised there are spoilers ahead regarding “Last Chance U” and coach Jason Brown. Do not read any further if you do not want to know what happened to Brown after the season ended.

Former “Last Chance U” coach Jason Brown had a salary of $65,000 at Independence Community College as of 2016, per a Board of Trustees meeting document uncovered on Reddit. The Board of Trustees minutes detailed Brown’s salary along with former assistant Jason Martin.

Jason Brown in the position of Head Football Coach at an annualized salary of $65,000 plus College support toward employee participation in ICC’s group health insurance plan; and Jason Martin in the position of Assistant Football Coach at an annualized salary of $36,000 plus College support toward employee participation in ICC’s group health insurance plan.

By the time Brown coached his last game at Indy in 2018, his salary was likely a bit higher. While Brown’s exact salary at the time he resigned is not known, the document gives us a good idea of the money Brown was likely making. Many coaches have different incentives in their contracts tied to wins, so it would not be a surprise if Brown earned a little extra in 2017 for Independence’s 9-2 season.

Jason Brown Was Asked to Resign at Indy After Disturbing Texts Emerged

The final episode of Season 4 detailed why Brown is no longer the coach at Independence. Depending on your perspective, Brown was either fired or asked to resign.

Brown noted on “Last Chance U” that the Board of Trustees asked him to turn in his letter of resignation. Brown found himself in controversy after a text to player-student coach Alexandros Alexiou, who is originally from Germany, surfaced where Brown told the student “I am your new Hitler,” per ESPN.

Things got worse from there as Brown now finds himself in legal trouble. The former Indy coach allegedly impersonated an attorney at Johnnie Cochran’s law office and is suspected of sending emails to local media outlets regarding their coverage of the team.

Brown has a hearing scheduled for August 22 where a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial, per the Parsons Sun. Brown is facing four counts of blackmail, four counts of identity theft and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication.

The Former “Last Chance U” Coach Signed a Book Deal & Recently Released Hate Me Now, Love Me Later

Brown is putting his notoriety from “Last Chance U” to good use. Fans can have Brown record a message to someone special through the Cameo program. The website notes you can “Book coach Jason Brown for $50” and shows examples of messages he has recorded.

TMZ reported in May that Brown signed a book deal with SBPRA. Brown announced the contract on Twitter, per TMZ.

I have partnered up and signed a book publishing contract with SBPRA, to write a book. I will send the details once the book is printed,” Brown tweeted on Thursday.

Much love for all the support!

Brown already released his new book Hate Me Now, Love Me Later and has been promoting it on social media. As for those criticizing his methods, Brown had a message for his critics during a recent interview with 247 Sports.

“They’re probably, like, Pop Warner or high school guys that have no clue about dealing with single-parent kids at my level, as far as the broken kid—the truly broken kid,” Brown explained to 247 Sports.