Why Is the Chiefs, Jaguars Game Not on TV? It’s the CBS Truck

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Chiefs and Jaguars fans were left to wonder why the Chiefs-Jaguars game was no longer on TV. It turns out that you can blame the transformer near the CBS truck because the transformer caught fire, according to a local news reporter for KRCG-13. Here’s how to watch the game without cable.

CBS Sports PR wrote on Twitter, “For those of you watching @Chiefs – @Jaguars. we are experiencing technical difficulties.” That upset some fans because they didn’t think the network was up front about the reasons at first.

James Palmer, national reporter for the NFL Network, wrote on Twitter, “The CBS truck here in Jacksonville has lost all power I’m told. Game is still going and there is power in the stadium.” James Brown, of CBS Sports, said CBS dropped the game because of a “production truck losing power,” according to KansasCity.com.

Kamen Etchev, a journalist with KRCG-13 TV, wrote on Twitter: “CBS Sports still says they have technical difficulties at the Jaguars Chiefs game. This is why they took the Chiefs game off the air. @KRCG13 did not choose to take the game off the air.”

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Chiefs game no longer on tv, evidently because the transformer by the CBS truck is on fire. Thinking we won’t see the rest of our game. Radio it is.”

Fans are angry because CBS initially said it was switching to a more competitive game before fessing up to the technical problems. That turned out to be Browns-Titans! According to Kansas City.com, the CBS switch came after Patrick Mahomes was taken out in the fourth quarter.

You can see live updates here for the Chiefs-Jaguars game.

Here’s what you need to know:

Angry Fans Took to Social Media to Complain

Angry fans didn’t hold back on Twitter. “Technical difficulties my ass @CBS you literally said we’re switching to a more competitive game. Get the @Chiefs back on!” wrote one man.”

“Wow @cbs decides to cut @chiefs broadcast in Kansas City for the titans and browns game. Put the game back on in our network. #cancelcbs #letsgochiefs,” wrote another.

“What a weird day. Players hurt, Chiefs still dominated, CBS blew up. Welcome back, NFL,” commented another fan.

“CBS you suck!!!! Totally unacceptable. So next week when we play Oakland which will be less competitive do we only get to watch half till you switch to another game?? Epic fail for week 1,” wrote another fan.

One woman was just as furious, writing, “Too bad we couldn’t see it because of CBS’s ineptitude. Any chance we can see a replay of the end somewhere.”

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