Nelson Agholor Calls out Carson Wentz After Eagles Fall to Cowboys

Nelson Agholor

Getty Eagles WR Nelson Agholor has had a tough season and seemed to call out his quarterback after the latest loss.

It really depends on the camera angle, but since the play involved Nelson Agholor it’s coming under hard scrutiny.

The play in question happened late in the second half in a last-ditch effort to make something happen by Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller Carson Wentz. The quarterback was under siege when he rifled a long-traveling spiral 50 yards down the field and just missed connecting with Agholor on a would-be touchdown. The pass was a dime, but it went slightly about a yard out of the receiver’s reach. There were 30 yards of open field ahead.

Upon further review, it looked like Agholor could have tried a little harder to haul it in, maybe by stretching out and diving for it. Instead, he seemed to pull up and let the ball fall in front of him. The worst part was what Agholor said after the game as he seemed to throw his quarterback under the bus.

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“I was trying to get open. I was hauling tail, making a move on the safety and using the space that I had to run across the field and by the time I was trying to track it, the ball was already out of position,” Agholor told reporters. “I wish I would have been able to get there. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if he [Wentz] was rushed or whatever but we had enough field and I was trying to get to it.”

Former Eagles Linebacker Blasts Nelson Agholor

The Eagles didn’t do many things well Sunday night in Dallas. In fact, Doug Pederson called it one of the worst losses in the history of his tenure as head coach. There was plenty of blame to go around, yet Nelson Agholor became an easy lightning rod.

The fans jumped on him for not extending to make a deep reception late in the game. Then, former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner went in on Agholor with scathing comments on the post-game show.

“I’ve been defending [Nelson] for a long time,” Joyner told Eagles Postgame Live, via Yahoo Sports. “I’ve been trying to be the guy that sees the positives in his skill sets. Deep down inside, there’s either some pitbull, some dog in you or there ain’t. There’s nothing but puppy in him.

“When I saw him not lay out for that ball, could it have been a better ball, absolutely, but not to see the effort. One thing that doesn’t cost you anything is effort. You’re going to go up to the window tomorrow and pick up your paycheck and you put that effort out. You wouldn’t even dive for that football in a game that mattered??”

Eagles Fans Pile on Struggling Wide Receiver

Nelson Agholor might be the scapegoat for that overall pitiful performance from the Eagles. Fair or not, the receiver has left a lot to be desired this season and Eagles fans aren’t letting him off the hook. They took to Twitter to pile on the hate after he alligator-armed a deep ball.

Some said he didn’t give enough effort.

Some said he was lazy.

Some called out his ability.

Some blamed the entire team for giving up.

Either way, the Eagles have a lot to fix before they play the Buffalo Bills. Would they consider cutting or trading Agholor? Maybe. But the receiver is making $9.4 million this season and that’s going to be a pretty hefty contract to unload for a struggling player.

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