WATCH: The Sooner Schooner Flips Over [VIDEO]

sooner schooner flips

Getty The Sooner Schooner in 2016.

The “Sooner Schooner” flipped over, and you can see the video later in this article. The University of Oklahoma’s legendary horse-drawn wagon took quite a tumble, as an announcer said, “Watch this folks.”

Sports journalist Joe Mussatto, of the Oklahoman, reported that there were no serious injuries, writing on Twitter, “The Sooner Schooner flipped over. Looks like everyone, including the horses, is OK.” Jason Kersey, another sportswriter, wrote on Twitter, “The Sooner Schooner just rolled over at the 15-yard line.”

According to SoonersWire, the crash came “during the middle of the second-quarter and after Oklahoma’s fourth touchdown of the game.” The West-Virginia/Oklahoma game was briefly delayed after the wagon went down, according to Deadspin, because the wagon left “a couple big divots in the field that had to be quickly patched up before the game could resume.” Two passengers were “flung” off when the wagon failed to make a sharp turn, the site reported.

Here’s the video:

Here’s another angle of the Sooner Schooner flipping.

Here’s more video of the Sooner Schooner crash.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Sooner Schooner Was Named College Football’s Greatest Tradition

sooner schooner

The Sooner Schooner takes the field after a touchdown against the West Virginia Mountaineers at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on November 25, 2017 in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated West Virginia 59-31.

The Sooner Schooner is iconic in college football. In fact, when Sports Illustrated listed the “Greatest Traditions in College Football’ from across the country, the Sooner Schooner came in number one, according to KFOR-TV.

News4 describes the University of Oklahoma tradition as “starting each game and celebrating every score with the Sooner Schooner.” The Sports Illustrated article described the tradition this way: “Just before every game, two horses named Boomer and Sooner (because, of course) lead the trusty old Studebaker Conestoga wagon on the field. OU gets its nickname from those who snuck into the Oklahoma territory before they were actually allowed, hence ‘sooners,’ and the RUF/NEKS, Oklahoma’s all-male spirit squad, have ridden the Schooner for 45 years.”

People reacted to the crash on Twitter, where videos of the Sooner Schooner mishap had been viewed thousands of times. “The Sooner Schooner went flying!! I’m sure we won’t see them again today…wowwwww,” wrote one person on October 19, 2019. “So it turns out the wheels can actually fall off the wagon #Oklahoma #Sooners #SoonerSchooner,” wrote another. “Sooner Schooner should have known better than to try to keep going with a broken axle; anyone who played Oregon Trail knows you gotta have extras around for that,” said a Twitter user.

The jokes, memes and GIFs quickly flew around social media. “I hope the Sooner Schooner tipping over makes you all appreciate those who traversed the Oregon Trail a little more,” wrote one man. “Sooner Schooner crashing just moved up to my favorite college football tradition,” wrote another.

“Should’ve taken the ferry across,” wrote one Twitter user. “Well that’s not supposed to happen… Oklahoma Sooner Schooner down,” wrote another.

Others were just happy that everyone seemed to be OK. “That schooner crash was scary! I hope everyone is ok #Oklahoma #Sooners #soonerschooner,” wrote one fan on Twitter.