NFL Rushing Colin Kaepernick Workout Is ‘Unethical,’ Says NBA Analyst


Getty Images Colin Kaepernick at The US-Open

Colin Kaepernick’s workout on November 16, which was for NFL scouts, executives, and coaches is yet to produce an opportunity for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

Eight teams sent representatives to watch Kaepernick workout after he changed the location of the event to a high school 30 miles away from the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. One of those teams in attendance was the Detriot Lions. Former NBA veteran and current NBA analyst at ESPN Jalen Rose is a degenerate Lions fan who recently weighed in on Kaepernick’s workout. Rose joined Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning on November 26 to discuss the topic.

“There are a lot of ways to go about the workout. So, over three years, he [Colin Kaepernick] didn’t get a chance to work out with any teams when all they had to do is pick up the phone and call him. So, when they decided all of a sudden, in my opinion, ‘I am going to rush a workout,’ that wasn’t ethical.” Rose stated.

“However, when you are the player, you gotta take that opportunity because he wants to play quarterback in the NFL,” Rose continued. “So, I would have loved for it to be on a Tuesday where 32 teams could have gone, GMs could have gone, coaches could have gone – that didn’t happen.”

The analyst continued by pointing out that the NFL didn’t appear that they were being transparent.

“So, if the workout’s on Saturday and I’m Colin, what do I do? First of all, I’m not signing no waiver. I don’t trust y’all, y’all don’t respect me, y’all white balled me out the game, I’m not signing nothing. Even if it looks legit, I’m not signing nothing, I’m rolling with him on that.”

Lions Down to Third String Quarterback

The Detroit Lions started their third-string quarterback David Blough on Thanksgiving against the Chicago Bears, who is an undrafted rookie. This came after injuries to both Jeff Driskel and Matthew Stafford. Driskel’s was the most recent and was a hamstring injury that occurred last Sunday against the Washington Redskins.

Lions coach Matt Patricia spoke about the preparation each week and Blough’s readiness for NFL action, as ESPN detailed.

“We’ll have competitive periods against offense versus defense, along with our preparation periods that we use each week,” Patricia said. “We like to take those different kinds of chances during the week to mix up some of the huddles and who is out there and who is not. We do it really at all positions, and certainly, Blough is one of those guys that it’s important for us to do that with, too.”

Kaepernick is someone that could help the Lions immediately after the injuries to both Stafford and Driskel. He is a proven quarterback and has a Superbowl appearance on his resume with the 49ers. However, like Jalen Rose said on the Ebro in the Morning, it’s not about his ability to play football.

Kaepernick showed that he was in shape and he can still throw the ball. The workout did not help his cause and if he would have answered questions after the event it wouldn’t have helped his cause, which Rose also pointed out during the interview.

NBA Champion Matt Barnes Agrees With Rose

Earlier this month, Matt Barnes shared his opinion on Kaepernick’s workout in Atlanta on an Instagram video. The former NBA player began the video by letting the public know that he believes the NFL is trying to play the victim in the situation.

“Now, the NFL is trying to play the victim like ‘aw, man we had this whole workout for you, and you want to change the venue,’” said Barnes.

“Don’t fall for that s***. First of all, you know how I feel, the workout being on Saturday – it’s supposed to be on Tuesday. Now, from what I understand, they didn’t want his filming team filming, why not? I wouldn’t trust the NFL as far as I could throw them. He needed his own people so they could cut that s*** up to send to the teams that didn’t make it.”

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