Antonio Brown Still Works out With His Raiders Helmet [WATCH]

antonio brown

Getty Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown has an uncanny ability to stay relevant despite not being on an NFL team. Since his whole flare-up with the Oakland Raiders, Brown has battled controversy after controversy. He briefly stayed quiet while with the New England Patriots, but that didn’t last long and he was eventually released. Since then, he’s frequently become unhinged on social media and goes on bizarre rants from time to time. While he’s made it clear that he will never play for the Raiders, Brown still reps the team while working out.

The helmet that he’s wearing in the above video is likely the precious Schutt AiR Advantage helmet he fought so hard to keep during the offseason. He wouldn’t have needed to change it to have the Patriots logo because he wouldn’t have been able to practice or play in it. It’s weird seeing him rep the Raiders considering how ugly their divorce was, but don’t expect him to be repping the silver and black during an NFL game anytime soon.

Where’s Mike Mayock’s Apology?

In a surprise move, Antonio Brown took to social media to apologize to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He’s made it very clear that he would like to return to the team once his legal issues are cleared up. While he did cause Kraft and the Patriots a slight headache, it was nothing compared to the full-blown migraine he caused the Raiders. He spent the entirety of training camp causing issues. From freezing his feet to all the helmet drama to threatening general manager Mike Mayock, Brown should be giving the Raiders the apology.

The team bent over backward to keep him happy, but there were certain things they just couldn’t let him get away with. Once they started holding him accountable, he blew up. The crazy thing is that if he would’ve stayed with the Raiders and not forced his release, the team would likely have had his back amid the allegations that came out. Also, Oakland would probably have a better record and be leading in the AFC West. Brown would be putting up big numbers and the fan base would love him.

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Will Antonio Brown Play in 2019?

When you have as much talent as Antonio Brown, there’s always a chance that a team will overlook the drama that he brings. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Brown might actually have a chance to return after a productive meeting with the NFL.

“There’s optimism on Brown’s part that things went well enough last Thursday that he could be reinstated by the end of the season,” Florio said Wednesday on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show.

There’s almost no way the Raiders will be in the market for Brown, even though he fits a need and would be a perfect fit. Tom Brady could convince the Patriots to give him another shot, but they’re already 9-1 and don’t really need him. Russell Wilson reportedly tried to get the Seattle Seahawks to sign him, so that could be a possibility. Any number of contenders could be interested in him. It’s just going to have to be a team that’s willing to deal with his drama.

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