Celebrity Chef Reveals Untold Story About Ex-Cowboy Deion Sanders


Getty Dion Sanders on SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIII

This past Sunday night on Deion Sanders’ NFL Network ‘If You Ball, You Get The Call’ segment, Prime Time named-dropped celebrity chef ‘Chef Hoppie.’ It came during an interview with Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

“Ay, thank you for blowing my chef up. You took him from me, and you put him on another level,” said Prime. “Chef Hoppie love you to life, he talks about you all the time. Man, I appreciate you for giving him that type of love. He is a great kid.”

Elliott replied, “For sure. Chef Hoppie – shouts to him, he is definitely the best chef in Dallas, and he makes it work for me.”

Elliott received the call from Prime Time after carrying the ball 24 times for 117 yards and two touchdowns in the 44-21 win against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon. The Cowboys are now 7-7 and control their own destiny in the race for the NFC East crown.

How Did Hoppie Become Deion Sanders’ Chef?

Chef Hoppie was a guest on the vodcast or live stream show BFB [Best For Business] hosted by Walt Chism and Lindsay Cochrane [LindsayyOnAir], and I was a part of the panel on Monday night. During the sit-down interview, Hoppie shared how he became Sanders’ personal chef.

“How I met him [Deion Sanders], I use to play football on his team ‘Truth’ when I was 12, and that is how we build a relationship. He found out that I cooked and made desserts. So, he would always order cupcakes or cookies to support and show love. One day two years ago, he orders red velvet cupcakes that his favorite with some cream cheese icing,” revealed Hoppie.

“It so happened when he ordered that day, I was broke-broke. I just bought my mom and me some Wendy’s with a roll of dimes. It ain’t nothing but about five or six dollars in a roll of dimes. We might have gotten a four for four something like that, but I was crying on the way to coach Deion’s and praying, saying that I need more bread and opportunity.”

“I tightened up, so he didn’t know I went through all that and dropped it off. But, the next day, he called me and said I want you to be my chef full-time. So, that is really when it started getting jumping,” Hoppie shared.

Prime Time was recently named to the NFL 100 greatest players list of All-Time.

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