Lions’ David Blough Offers Scathing Take Down of Browns

David Blough

Getty David Blough calls a play in the Lions loss to the Broncos.

The Detroit Lions haven’t had a great 2019 season, and certainly, at least by the win-loss metrics, the Cleveland Browns have had a better year.

Interestingly enough, though, former Cleveland backup quarterback turned Detroit starter David Blough might not agree with that being the case. On the CBS telecast of the Lions vs. Denver Broncos, a quote from Blough was presented about the difference between the Lions and the Browns, two teams that it would seem are in the same miserable shape and have been for years. Blough spent the preseason in Cleveland, and has had time to compare the two situations now.

According to Blough, the Lions are ahead of the Browns in several ways in terms of team culture, preparation and professionalism and he feels happy to have landed in Detroit. Here’s a look at the gist of what Blough said he believes about the difference of the two teams:

On the outside, the Lions seem as if they are a complete disaster. At 3-11-1 they are one of the worst teams in the league eying a top draft pick and only recently revealed Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn would be returning. They’ve had former players question the culture change from Jim Caldwell to Patricia, and the mood of many around the team would not be considered harmonious to those on the outside.

Perhaps these quotes reveal the Lions might be in a bit better shape with Patricia in the building than many realize, which could make the decision to give him another shot in 2020 make a bit more sense.

Both teams remain a frustrating disaster, mirroring each other in incompetence during this and other seasons.

The Browns Struggles in 2019

Hyped as a potential Super Bowl contender before the season thanks to plenty of big offseason additions, things went off the rails quickly for the Browns. They started slow and never rediscovered their momentum until midseason when their schedule let up a bit. They’ve had trouble brew between the coaching staff and several of the players, haven’t had a great locker room situation and were never in serious contention for the AFC North in spite of the fact many figured them to be a dark horse contender to win the division.

Decisions are left to be made on Freddie Kitchens and his coaching staff after the season concludes, and it’s possible that quotes like this won’t exactly play well in terms of the team’s defense of Kitchens.

David Blough in the NFL

Following college, Blough was brought into the league by the Browns after the 2018 NFL Draft. He was an undrafted free agent signing of the team and competed during the preseason and training camp to be on the roster. Prior to final cuts, he was traded to the Lions in exchange for a seventh round draft pick. In Detroit, Blough was the third string quarterback behind Jeff Driskel and Matthew Stafford, and probably never dreamed he’d get his shot at the NFL this quickly. When injury arose to both players ahead of him, it happened.

During the preseason with the Browns, Blough threw for 271 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions for Cleveland. His best game statistically came against the Lions ironically enough, when he threw for 115 yards on 11-17 passing. He did throw both of his picks in that game.

Since getting his big break a few weeks back, Blough has played decently for the Lions, throwing for 862 yards, 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He hasn’t been able to get the Lions over the top and win a game, but he is also a third string rookie quarterback thrown into the fire that was never expected to see the field so fast.

Blough will now take time to develop with the Lions after getting his feet wet in the league, and it’s clear he feels happy he landed with the team that traded for him instead of the one who picked him up after the draft thanks to these factors he mentioned.

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