LSU College Football Playoff: Who Will Tigers Play Next in Bowl?

Getty LSU is headed to the College Football Playoff.

The College Football Playoff teams will not officially be announced until Sunday at 12 p.m. Eastern, but LSU has punched their ticket to the bracket. The question is who LSU will play next in the playoff, and what bowl game the Tigers will be playing in. What we know is that LSU will be playing in either the Peach or Fiesta Bowl on December 28th. Kickoff is scheduled for either 4 or 8 p.m. Eastern, per

LSU is expected to either be the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the College Football Playoff. Heading into the conference championships, LSU was ranked No. 2 behind Ohio State. That was before LSU’s blowout win over No. 4 Georgia in the SEC Championship.

Our latest projections have LSU jumping the Buckeyes as the top seed. It will be up to the committee as to how they compare LSU’s win over Georgia with Ohio State’s potential victory over Wisconsin.

LSU Makes Case for the No. 1 Seed in the College Football Playoff

If this comes to fruition, LSU would likely take on No. 4 Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. This means the Tigers would play back-to-back games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The committee could also keep Ohio State as the No. 1 seed as long as they win the Big Ten championship. If this happens, LSU would likely play a No. 3 seeded Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl.

Prior to their matchup with Georgia, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron dismissed the idea that the SEC title game did not matter because they would likely make the playoff even with a loss.

“I ain’t even thinking about that,” Orgeron said, per Saturday Down South. “I don’t buy that. We’ve got to win. That’s not coming into play. Not even considering that.”

During a media conference call, College Football Playoff committee chair Rob Mullens detailed how the group compared LSU with Ohio State after the latest rankings were released.

“Two really, really good teams, first of all,” Mullens noted. “That’s what the committee sees. Ohio State now with their impressive win over Michigan on the road has four wins over top-25 teams. LSU has three very impressive wins over top-25 teams. As we’ve talked in past weeks, both really have dynamic offenses, both have good defenses.”

LSU Will Likely Play Either Oklahoma or Clemson

Barring chaos to end the evening, it appears that LSU will likely play either Oklahoma or Clemson. Either matchup will feature two explosive offenses. If LSU takes on Oklahoma, fans will get treated to a quarterback battle between Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts.

A Clemson-LSU matchup would be equally intriguing and feel a lot like a championship matchup rather than a semifinal game. Burrow and Trevor Lawrence would also make for an exciting matchup for fans. LSU fans will find out their fate on Sunday afternoon when the final rankings are released.