Olivia Holzmacher, Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend, ‘Fangirls’ Over QB on Instagram

Joe Burrow girlfriend

Olivia Holzmacher Joe Burrow has been dating girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher since his Ohio State days.

Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, has posted dozens of photos and supportive messages for the LSU quarterback over the years. The Ohio State student has recently donned LSU gear in support of Burrow, and acknowledged how she “fangirls” over her own boyfriend.

In a December 1 post to Instagram, Holzmacher shared a photo of herself in the background of a picture of Burrow, writing, “when you fangirl your own boyfriend”

Immediately, users empathized with her position. “Im so jealous,” one person commented.

Holzmacher has been a steady presence on the sidelines throughout the fall season. She and Burrow have been together since he was a quarterback for Ohio State; their first photo together was posted on August 31, 2017.

Joe Burrow girlfriend

On Saturday, December 14, Holzmacher posted several videos of herself in Times Square in front of videos of Burrow. It’s likely that she’s in New York to support Burrow as he attends the Heisman Award Ceremony. Burrow is a frontrunner for the famous collegiate award.

Here’s what you need to know:

Burrow Celebrated His ‘First Chapter’ With Holzmacher in May

Burrow rarely posts photographs to Instagram of anything outside of his football career. However, he did acknowledge his multi-year relationship with Holzmacher last May, when he posted a carousel of photographs (starting with one of him and Holzmacher) that represented his time at Ohio State.

Burrow wrote on Instagram, “The first chapter was a pretty great one. Now it’s time to write the next one.”

On Twitter, Holzmacher has acknowledged her role as the “first lady” of LSU football with good humor. On Nov. 11, 2019, she retweeted a tweet that read, “Sat by this girl at the LSU game Saturday.. had no clue it was the first lady, Joe Burrow’s girlfriend”

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Cali for ni a

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In response to a tweet that read, “Can you imagine being Joe Burrow’s girlfriend?”, Holzmacher replied, “All I can say is I’m so damn proud!!!”

Similarly, in response to a tweet that read, “Joe the god Burrow deserves endless women and pluckers,” Holzmacher replied, “As Joe’s girlfriend I’m not about the endless women BUTT I’d be down for some chicken wings. Extra ranch plz”

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happy birthday joe ?

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As Burrow gets closer and closer to household name-status, it’s likely that the interest into his personal life will grow as well.

Per her LinkedIn, Holzmacher is set to graduate Ohio State in 2019. She is a Data Analytics major. Her bio reads,

“My love of statistics and analysis is the reason I chose my Data Analytics major, but I am much more than just numbers. I am a critical thinker, continual learner, problem solver, detail oriented, self-motivated, organized, flexible, energetic, focused and confident. My goal is to obtain a position that allows me to use my current skill set and continue to develop professional skills. I bring to the table dedication and an exemplary work ethic with a promise to always do my very best work.”

Joe Burrow girlfriend

It’s unclear if Holzmacher graduated last May, or is graduating in December. However, what is clear is that she’s made time to go to virtually every single one of Burrow’s football games.


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