Ravens Place Amongst 2020 Super Bowl Favorites Revealed

John Harbaugh

Getty John Harbaugh hoists the Lombardi Trophy.

The Baltimore Ravens have finished off a solid 14-2 season, and now set their sights toward the NFL postseason and trying to make a run to the Super Bowl.

Interestingly enough, as they get set to do that, the Ravens could be the overwhelming favorites to take home the Lombardi Trophy according to ESPN FPI. As ESPN’s Jamison Hensley shared, that metric sees Baltimore as the hands-down favorite to win the title at nearly 35.5%.

Interestingly enough, the Kansas City Chiefs came in second position at 22.1%, but to the Ravens, they were a distant second. Third was the San Francisco 49ers at 18.7%. Other chic contenders, such as the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers didn’t even hit double digits.

Obviously, as this shows, the Ravens are huge favorites heading into the postseason. They will start their quest for the Super Bowl on January 11.

Chiefs Remain Ravens Biggest Hurdle

Regardless of this metric, the road through the AFC postseason and the eventual Super Bowl might still travel through the Patriots in the minds of many. Baltimore has already beaten New England this year, and the Patriots have run hot and cold in 2019. The one game they have lost in frustrating fashion was their contest against the Chiefs, which was a road game. If there’s a team that does match up with the Ravens, it’s the Chiefs, who possess plenty of the same elements that make Baltimore successful in a young, exciting quarterback and a fun offense.

Is Ravens-Chiefs rematch a possible AFC title game contender? It’s possible, so stay tuned. If it happens, the Ravens would host the game in Baltimore, which could give them a significant advantage.

Ravens Making Statements in 2019

As the numbers show, the Ravens have beaten some of the best teams on their schedule this season in order to crack this advantage for 2019. It’s not easy to beat the Seahawks on the road, nor is it easy to beat the 49ers. In addition to those wins, Baltimore has also beaten the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Los Angeles Rams and most recently in a huge battle of solid teams, the Buffalo Bills. Those are some of the best of the best thus far this season.

With an impressive body of work as a whole, the Ravens have made statements not only in the fact that they have won, but how they have gotten the job done. The offense has put up points and yards, while the defense has managed to keep the opposition in check as well. That type of two-headed attack only proves how dangerous the Ravens have been and could be the rest of the way.

As the playoffs come into sharper focus, it’s clear the Ravens will have a big advantage over their competition in terms of home field advantage. It remains to be seen how big of an impact it will make, but for right now, it’s merely another positive to note.

In the end, it might only serve to make them bigger favorites when all is said and done.

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