Steph Curry Better Than Knicks? Rapper Reveals Why He’s Not A NY Fan


Getty Warriors Stephen Curry against Hawks Trae Young

The New York Knicks have been in the news a lot the past week. Sitting at 4-19 they have the worst record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference and the NBA.

New York fired their head coach, David Fizdale.

Since Fizdale’s firing, Mike Miller was named the Knicks’ interim coach. Miller coached the Knicks’ Westchester Knicks team before landing on New York’s bench this season as an assistant coach.

Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd and Becky Hammon are believed by many to be Fizdale’s replacement.

What’s up with the Knicks?

On a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I checked in with beloved New York rapper, Jim Jones.

In 2006 Jim Jones dropped smash hit We Fly High (Ballin), his his most successful single to date, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his first top ten single. The single also remains his most successful single on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks and Hot Rap Tracks, peaking at #4 and #1, respectively, and has also ranked as #1 on the Hot RingMasters chart.

Jones also appears in seasons 1 and 2 of the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Check out a snippet from our recent conversation via Scoop B Radio.

Jim Jones and I discuss the New York Knicks, the Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Julius Randle wore a DipSet shirt during the Summer League with all of you on it. When you saw it, you said what?

Jim Jones: That was legendary, it was dope. It’s a New York thing. If you’re from New York, you know how important Dipset has become a part of the culture, you know? They’re like the Beatles out here, almost, it’s kind of funny. But yeah, it was very dope and enlightening to see the youngsters. It’s great that we have someone that’s not our age, maybe a little younger that’s been around a little bit to know what’s going on. But that kid, he has no idea what was going on. 20 year ago, he was just born. So to see that he has the DipSet flavor on and it’s still popping 20 years later with the youngsters, it’s a real testimony.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson:
The Knicks, what’s wrong with them?

Jim Jones:
I don’t know man. Since John Starks went 2 for 18 back in ‘93, when they couldn’t beat the Bulls,they’ve just been all f***ed up. I think, when Pat Ewing missed that layup and Charles Smith missed four attempts under the basket, it’s never been right since then. Those are my era mistakes and I guess it’s been going on long before that. But I’m a New York kid, and I;ve alwayse been a fan of all of my New York teams. But it seems I’ve been having to get a side team on top of my New York team. They really haven’t been making us the proudest as of late.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Who’s your side team?

Jim Jones: Oh, I’m about to pick a new side team. It was Golden State for like the past six years, but obviously, that’s a wrap. But they did their numbers. They did everything they were supposed to come and do. They did things that were phenomenal and Steph Curry has sealed his name in the history books and the Hall of Fame. He’s don everything he was supposed to do. I’m not counting him out this year because Klay [Thompson] and Curry can come back after their injuries. They’ve done it before. They still got [Draymond] Green there, so they still got three out of the five main memebers that was there on the court everything they were on the championship so it’s still a possibility they come back and get busy, come back to the playoffs. It’s never over. You can’t stop Curry, so you’ll never know, if he’s hot he’s hot, it might be a problem for the rest of the league.

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: While mentioning a side team, I noticed you didn’t mention the Nets. Are you a believer in Kyrie and KD?

Jim Jones:
Those are two phenomenal players. Kyrie’s got the illest handle that I’ve seen maybe since Rucker Park. He’s in the NBA doing moves that I’ve seen in Rucker Park, hands down. He’s definitely back parking it once he gets to the basketball court. KD, once he gets back and gets his 1,2 step, nobody can stop KD. Nobody, like that’s a fact. LeBron has a problem when KD is on the court, like everybody has a problem when KD is on the court. So when he comes back healthy, confident and starts putting shot back up, then that’s definitely going to be a big contender for the East coast.