Celebrities Predict UFC 246’s Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone

Mario Lopez, Becky Lynch, Steve-O, Josh Donaldson and Deron Williams

Getty Mario Lopez, Becky Lynch, Steve-O, Josh Donaldson and Deron Williams.

In less than a week, on Jan. 18, Conor “Notorious” McGregor will meet Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the center of the UFC‘s Octagon.

As UFC 246 gets closer, more and more fans and fighters around the world are chiming in with who they think will win the match.

Ariel Helwani showed a video compilation of different celebrities making their pick between McGregor and Cowboy on his MMA Show. 

All of these quotes are from the Jan. 13 episode of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show:

Action Bronson Picks Conor McGregor

The rapper says, “I think Conor’s going to win, man. I think that this is his redemption story. This is his year to get back into the limelight and to get those big fights that everyone wants to see. I want to see him and [Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal] next.”

Joel Feliciano Picks Conor McGregor

The Buffalo Bills offensive lineman says, “I think Cowboy’s going to come out strong. I think he’s going to toss around Conor for the first couple rounds. But I think Conor’s going to hit him in the third with a counter-left. Conor really needs this fight. He’s been losing for years. But I’m really pulling for Conor so he can get that Gambred fight, and Masvidal can beat his a**. That 305 blood runs in me.”

Freddie Prinze Jr. Picks Donald Cerrone

The actor from “She’s All That” says, “The brain’s telling you to go with McGregor, and I know the heart’s telling you to go with Cerrone. But remember, it takes a lot of heart to step in that cage. When you’re a multimillionaire, you’re going to lose some of that heart. And that’s why I’m taking the underdog, Donald Cerrone!”

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Josh Donaldson Picks Donald Cerrone

The current MLB free agent and 2015 American League MVP says, “I’ve got Cerrone. McGregor’s going to have to prove to me that he can win again.”

Christian Lee Navarro Picks Conor McGregor

The “13 Reasons Why” actor says, “My prediction is what it always is when the man comes to town, Conor McGregor — knockout in the first. It’s hard to bet against someone with that much conviction. So I will be watching and rooting for you, Conor. Go get ’em.”

Becky Lynch Picks Conor McGregor

The Irish WWE champion says, “I’m going to have to go with my countryman, Conor McGregor. I think he’s looking sharp. He’s looking fluid. He seems to be in a good mental headspace. And it’s like [McGregor’s coach] John Kavanagh said, ‘A happy fighter is a dangerous fighter.’ I think you’re going to see the same caliber from McGregor as in 2015. And I’m predicting a KO late in the second round.”

Deron Williams Picks Donald Cerrone

The NBA free agent says, “I got Cowboy winning the fight via finish in the fourth or fifth round, as he survives Conor’s attack early. Conor tends to gas out in the later rounds, so I got [Cowboy] finishing him towards the end of the fight.”

Michael Carter-Williams Picks Conor McGregor

The Orlando Magic NBA player says, “I’ve got Conor winning by knockout in the second. I think he’s found his edge again, and I think he has a chip on his shoulder from his last loss.”

Dominique Moceanu Picks Conor McGregor

The Olympic gold medalist says, “I’ve been a Cowboy fan since 2010, and I’m a proud American. But I do believe Cowboy’s heavy activity in 2019 will work against him, and Conor will be coming in fresh, in what seems a very good matchup for him. If Cowboy wrestles, I see Conor defending the takedown and the Irishman countering Cowboy with something that Donald doesn’t see coming. I see Conor finishing him in the first round and a post-fight bonus for the Celtic tiger. Whatever happens on Saturday, we, the fans, will win.”

Steve-O Picks Conor McGregor

The comedian and “Jackass” star says, “I think this one’s a pretty quick one, like the [Justin Gaethje] fight. I think it goes to Conor in a somewhat anti-climactic first-round finish.”

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Skylar Astin Picks Donald Cerrone

While wearing a t-shirt with cowboys on it, the “Pitch Perfect” actor says, “I see Donald taking McGregor into deep waters, potentially winning by split-decision or maybe even a late submission, round five or late round four. I see Cerrone pulling guard, McGregor overcompensating raining down punches and Cerrone catching him in a triangle as he’s done so many times. Not that I’m biased or anything, but let’s go Cowboy.”

Mario Lopez Picks Conor McGregor

The film actor and TV personality says, “I’m picking McGregor if I had to pick. I’m looking forward to a great fight. May the best man win.”

Mick Foley Picks Conor McGregor

The legendary WWE star says, “I think Conor realizes — to draw a distinction between being one of the greatest attractions in MMA history, and he might very well be the greatest, and one of the greatest fighters in MMA history — that he absolutely has to win this fight, and I think he will. But I look forward to a great fight with Conor McGregor getting the nod.”

Kristaps Porzingis Picks Conor McGregor

The Dallas Mavericks NBA player says, “My prediction is: Conor KOs Cowboy in the first round. I love both fighters, love Cowboy, love his personality. So, I’m happy that he gets that ‘red panty’ night.”

Devon Sawa Picks Conor McGregor

The actor says, “McGregor versus Donald Cerrone, people didn’t like this fight when it was first announced, but I loved it. These are two exciting fighters. Cerrone has been in the game for a while, being doing it for a while. McGregor [hasn’t] been doing [it that] long, but he’s doing huge things. He’s coming off a loss with Khabib, but I still got him coming back and going on a bit of a tear. I have McGregor in this one. But it’s going to be exciting.”

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