Mark Cuban Reveals Untold Story of David Stern Fining Him First Season In Dallas

Getty Mark Cuban and David Stern After 2011 Finals

The sports world was deeply saddened by the news of the passing of former NBA Commissioner at the age of 77. The announcement of his passing was just a couple of weeks after Stern was hospitalized on December 12. The NBA, according to’s Jeff Smith, revealed that Stern suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Serval members of the NBA community sent their condolences to David’s wife, Dianne Bock, and son Eric A. Stern. Such as Charlotte Hornets’ owner Michael Jordan, Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson, Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. 

“Without David Stern, the NBA would not be what it is today. He guided the league through turbulent times and grew the league into an international phenomenon, creating opportunities that few could have imagined before. His vision and leadership provided me with the global stage that allowed me to succeed. David had a deep love for the game of basketball and demanded excellence from those around him – and I admired him for that. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I offer my deepest sympathies to Dianne and his family,” said Jordan.

Scottie Pippen praised the former commissioner as a “kind and thoughtful” leader, who grow the NBA brand globally.

“We saw David Stern a lot in the 90s, and I found him to be kind, thoughtful, and almost always the smartest person in the room,” Pippen said, according to NBC5 Chicago. “He was an innovator who helped grow our sport into a global game, and his impact will never be forgotten.”

Mar Cuban thanked Stern for his mentorship and his administrations.

“RIP David. You always said you made me, and you were absolutely right. You were a friend, mentor, and administrator of the largest donut fund ever. You are missed, Cuban tweeted on January 1, 2020.

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Mark Cuban Shares Story of Being Fined by Stern 20 Years ago

On Saturday night, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke to Fanatics View and revealed that David Stern fined him 150k for sitting on the floor.

“So, one time, I got fined not because of the refs. My first year, we were in Minnesota, and I was trying to still get to know everybody. And you know how the trainers and everybody sits on the floor, not the trainer, but the equipment people. They sit on the floor, and they get towels or uniforms for the guys. So, I’m like I’m going to get to know these guys and sit right next to him because of my attitude has always been to do whatever you can to connect right. You wouldn’t ask somebody to do a job that you won’t do as an owner,” revealed Cuban.

He would continue by saying he gave Stern a piece of his mind.

“So, I sat there on the floor think nothing of it. They fined me a hundred and 150 thousand dollars. For conduct unbecoming of an owner and I told David [Stern] to put it where the sun didn’t shine and told him no, I’m going to do it. Or the discussion with other owners getting upset because I was standing next to the huddle. I’m like David, I sit in on sales meetings, tech meetings, and these are the most valuable employees I’m going to sit in on these meetings too. That’s how I learn and any owner that doesn’t do it, then that’s on them. If you want to fine me, then go ahead and fine me. They didn’t fine me, but they passed a rule that they never enforced,” said Cuban.

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