Tom Brady’s Las Vegas House Rumors Fuel Raiders Talk

tom brady

Getty New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Tom Brady to the Las Vegas Raiders just won’t quit and there are new rumors that may provide the most smoke yet. According to a source that spoke to 98.5 The Sports Hub, Brady has purchased a house in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another source for ESPN Las Vegas radio doubled down and expanded on what he’s hearing.

“Word is, he bought in a place called The Summit,” the source said.

The Summit is a community for the very rich and powerful in Las Vegas and it’s not easy to get in to. Brady is the type of person who could get a spot in that community. Now, keep in mind, these are just rumblings. It is not confirmed that he has purchased a property, but the rumors are coming from a number of sources at this point.

That said, Vincent Bonsignore and the Las Vegas Review-Journal are now reporting that Brady has not actually purchased a house in the city.

Wouldn’t Mean Brady’s Joining the Raiders

Though it should definitely raise some eyebrows if Brady did actually buy a house in Las Vegas, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s planning to come to the Raiders. Brady has infinite money and Las Vegas is one of the entertainment capitals in the world. They have very friendly tax laws and the quarterback could just be investing in some real estate. Rich people have been doing it for centuries.

In all likelihood, Brady hasn’t made his decision yet. He’s going to bide his time and see what the Patriots have to offer. Buying a house in Las Vegas may be a move to try and put the pressure on New England, but it still feels like a longshot he’s going to play elsewhere.

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Will Brady Be a Raiders in 2020?

On the surface, Tom Brady signing with the Raiders doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for either party. The Raiders are a team that has been built around youth. Brady is among the oldest players in the NFL and his best days are definitely behind him. If this was a decade ago, then yes, Las Vegas should do whatever they could to land him. However, he’s coming off the least impressive season of his career.

For Brady, the move also wouldn’t make much sense. Everybody knows that he only cares about winning. While the Raiders are certainly an up and coming team, Brady doesn’t turn them into Super Bowl contenders right away. The team may be ready by 2021 if they nail this year’s draft, but how much does Brady have left in the tank?

Nobody is disputing Brady is among the greatest players in NFL history. That said, the Raiders don’t need to rely on the arm of a 42-year old quarterback to sell tickets. Yes, he’d be a huge draw and him joining the silver and black would bring a lot of interest to the team, but the Raiders are a big enough brand on their own. We’re not talking about the Los Angeles Chargers, who need to start selling tickets. The Raiders are always going to sell tickets because they have a huge fan base.

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