Shayanna Jenkins, Bow Wow Comparison Hits Twitter

shayanna jenkins bow wow

Instagram/Getty Some people think Shayanna Jenkins looks like Bow Wow.

Some people on Twitter think they’ve seen Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins before. They think she looks like the doppelganger of rapper Lil Bow Wow.

“Bow wow did his thing as Aaron Hernandez’s wife in the Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’ Award winning performance! ??,” joked one man on Twitter.

Sure, there’s a slight resemblance, and, yes, the two look like they could be siblings, but Shayanna is a beautiful woman. She never got to live her dream of becoming Aaron Hernandez’s wife, but Jenkins did take his last name (she’s now Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez), and she is the mother of his only child, a little girl.

Shayanna was a constant “ride or die” presence in the new Netflix documentary on Hernandez’s downfall, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, which traced his life from New England Patriots’ star to convicted murderer. She is featured in the beginning of the documentary through her taped prison phone calls with Hernandez, and she’s featured at the end of it as a stalwart presence in court, and sometimes the only one still there. Hernandez died of suicide in 2017.

shayanna jenkins

Bow Wow on left and Shayanna Jenkins on right.

But all some people could see was Bow Wow. “Someone said Bow Wow played Shayanna Jenkins in the Aaron Hernandez Documentary, and I….I CAN’T UNSEE IT ?” wrote one Twitter user.

“The whole time everyone else is comparing shayanna Jenkins to bow wow and what not, I just was thinking the whole time that she’s so pretty ?,” wrote one woman on Twitter, coming to Shayanna’s defense.

Lil Bow Wow was born Shad Gregory Moss on March 9, 1987. Shayanna Jenkins was born May 29, 1989, so she’s younger by two years. She was born in Connecticut. He was born in Ohio.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Shayanna Jenkins/Bow Wow Analogy Has Been Around for Years

People watching the new Netflix documentary aren’t the first to invent the comparison. Years ago, when Hernandez was on trial, people decided Shayanna was Bow Wow’s doppelganger. In fact, you can find people comparing the two as far back as 2013.

Here’s a tweet from 2018, with someone comparing Jenkins to Bow Wow:

Here’s a tweet from 2017 drawing the analogy:

Here’s a tweet from 2015 saying the same thing:

And one from 2014:

The earliest tweet we found comparing Shayanna to Bow Wow was by a page called Nacho Dad in 2013, which tweeted, “Do you think Aaron Hernandez thinks Lil Bow Wow is hott? (Cause Shayanna Jenkins is his spittin image!).”

This person was ahead of the game forecasting an Aaron Hernandez movie.

You get the point. A lot of people think Shayanna looks like Bow Wow.

Shayanna Has Posted on Instagram Since the Netflix Series

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Shayanna Jenkins – Hernandez (@shayjhernandez) on Jan 16, 2020 at 8:57am PST

Shayanna has received a lot of positive support too. Shayanna posted on Instagram on January 16, 2020, writing, “I wanted to let all of you sweet sweet souls know I have tried to read every message sent on IG and through email (positive and negative) … the amount of support and positive energy is again unreal! I’m sure you will all understand how imperative it is to take some time away from social media.”

The Instagram post came the day after the Netflix show streamed. Shayanna also wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about Aaron in 2018, a year after his suicide. She wrote:

“A year today….. I remember getting a call saying you had passed. Dropping the phone and crying uncontrollably I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to get to you as fast as I knew how so you weren’t alone anymore. This was by far the worst day of my life especially when things were looking better….I was / still am so confused and wish I could ask you tons of questions – not just for me but for our daughter. I’ve suffered hurt, sadness and definitely anger BUT I’ve had this little girl to make my spirits higher.”

Shayanna was Hernandez’s childhood girlfriend, and later his fiancee. She has since had another child with her new boyfriend.

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