11 Best Home Gyms: Which is Right For You?

best home gyms

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The best home gyms allow you to get the most out of every workout, from compact equipment to full-size machines. From legs to abs to arms, a home gym is an effective investment for working out your whole body. If you’ve got little ones at home, consider a home gym for kids to keep the whole family healthy and active.

Looking for more workout options? Consider a more versatile a functional trainer.

functional trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • Dual 200-pound weight stacks
  • Easy to adjust
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best home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Offers over 70 exercises
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
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home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Total 280 pounds of resistance
  • Includes 112 pounds of weight
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
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home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Works well for quick workouts
  • Great for all levels
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total gym xls Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with an ab crunch
  • Can be used for over 80 exercises
  • No assembly required
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cheap gym equipment Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for small spaces
  • Efficient
  • Height adjustable
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small home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six stations
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low-maintenance design
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  • Stainless steel
  • Ideal for full-body workouts
  • Multi-purpose gym
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  • Budget-friendly
  • Removable preacher curl pad
  • Upper and lower pulleys
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home gym Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Provides over 80 exercises
  • Works well for all fitness levels
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  • Two-to-one weight ratio
  • Has seven workout stations
  • Dual 210-pound weight stacks
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

    • Comes with many interchangeable accessories
    • Quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings
    • Sturdy 11-gauge steel construction
    • Set-up can be frustrating
    • Assembly instructions could be better
    • Doesn't come with a weight bench

    The XM-7626 by XMark Fitness is a fully functional gym and cable machine with everything you need for a complete body workout. For starters, it can be adjusted in 19 different ways, making it suitable for an entire household.

    Highlights include dual 200-pound weight stacks along with a triceps rope, revolving seated row triangle, short and long bars, and more. You’ll also find a split-grip pull-up bar for various upper-body exercises. The accessories are easily interchangeable, so you don’t have to worry about skimping on your workouts.

    Regardless of how much weight you’re using, the machine will stay put thanks to its highly stable heavy-duty steel frame. A commercial-grade pulley system ensures your workouts will go on without a hitch.

    This functional trainer doesn’t come with a bench, but you can easily pair it with a weight bench such as the XMark FID bench to complete the set.

  2. 2. Total Gym APEX G3

    • Folds flat for easy storage
    • Comes with a squat stand, exercise flip chart, dip bars and more
    • Auto-lock height adjustment
    • Doesn't come with stability mats
    • Can't add additional weight
    • Assembly can be tricky

    The Total Gym APEX G3 is the mid-range option and falls between the entry-level G1 and the pro-level G5. The G3 offers eight resistance levels and can be used for over 70 different exercises. All you need is a spare 15 to 20 minutes to get started.

    This home gym is suited for a wide range of ages, between eight and 80. It can also hold up to 300 pounds, making it a durable choice for any home gym. You’ll find everything you need for a complete whole-body workout, including a squat stand, leg pull accessory, exercise flip chart, dip bars, a wing attachment and exercise and nutrition guides. You can also follow along with the included DVD.

    The glide board is padded for your comfort and ergonomic for a better overall fit. An auto-lock height adjustment adds an extra element of stability. If your home gym is on the smaller side, the APEX G1 folds for storage.

  3. 3. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50

    • High and low pulley systems
    • Comes with an exercise chart designed by a personal trainer
    • Includes a fly station and combination chest press
    • Can't add more weight
    • Seat isn't adjustable
    • Weight pin system isn't very smooth

    With 112 pounds of weight and up to 280 pounds of resistance, this home gym has everything you need to get in a good workout at home. Whether you’re focusing on one particular muscle group or a complete full-body workout, options include a fly station, combination chest press, a four-roll leg developer and more.

    A high pulley system targets your back and lats, while the low pulley works your lower body. You can use the multi-grip lat bar for a variety of exercises. This home gym system also comes with an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer.

  4. 4. Fusion Motion Portable Home Gym

    • Provides over 200 exercises
    • Comes with eight attachments
    • Detailed exercise guide included
    • Some bands don't fully extend
    • Not great for heavy weight training
    • Only comes with two resistance bands

    Whether you’re using it for maintenance or a true full-body workout, the Fusion Motion portable gym is a solid all-around piece of home exercise equipment. In fact, you can complete more than 200 different exercises.

    An included instruction guide helps you get started with specific exercises based on the muscle groups you want to target along with suggestions for your skill level. There’s something for every level, from first-time users to experienced athletes. A full-body workout takes just 20 minutes.

    You’ll find a total of eight attachments, from heavy-duty resistance bands to an ab roller wheel, tricep bar, pulleys and more. The maximum weight capacity is 290 pounds.

  5. 5. Total Gym XLS Universal Total Body Home Gym

    • Access to Total Gym's online video platform
    • Maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds
    • Includes a wing attachment and a training deck
    • Doesn't come with a Pilates kit
    • Lacks transport wheels
    • Cushioning is on the firm side

    Whether you can’t go to the gym or you prefer to work out at home, the Total Gym XLS Universal Total Body Home Gym hits every muscle group. You can perform over 80 exercises on the Total Gym XLS, including various upper and lower body workouts. You can use the home gym equipment for stretching and strength training, and even some cardio.

    There’s an ab crunch to keep your core in shape, as well as an exercise chart if you’re new or could use some extra guidance. This machine also features a wing attachment and a training deck. The maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds.

    If you prefer a more interactive home workout experience, you’ll have access to seven Total Gym DVDs and the company’s online video platform, which has something for every fitness level.

    The benefits don’t stop after your workout is over, as you’ll even find a nutritional and meal planning guide to complete your healthy lifestyle. The last thing you want to do is spend an entire weekend trying to assemble your home gym once it arrives, but the Total Gym XLS comes ready to use.

  6. 6. femor Total Body Home Gym Machine

    • Doubles as a rowing machine
    • Can be used for over 20 exercises
    • Rotating cushion for versatility
    • May not be stable enough for taller or heavier users
    • Not great for heavy resistance exercises
    • Basic workout chart

    It may be small, but you can get a lot done with this compact home gym. The gym provides over 22 different exercises to target the major muscle groups. It’s also height-adjustable and can fit a wide range of users.

    Not only does the cushion have plenty of padding, it also rotates a full 360 degrees. There’s more to it than just arms, legs and core, though, as this home gym also doubles as a detachable rowing machine when you feel like more of a cardio-based workout. To make the conversion to a rowing machine, simply reposition the machine so that it’s facing forward.

    Aside from an ergonomic backrest, this compact home gym is equipped with four soft and supportive rollers to protect your neck and back. Its durable iron construction allows the workout machine to comfortably support up to 275 pounds.

  7. 7. Body-Solid G6BR Home Gym

    • High-density pads with lumbar support
    • Weight stack can be upgraded
    • Comes with a workout DVD
    • Only accepts one attachment
    • Not easily portable
    • Metal pieces scratch easily

    Waiting for a machine to open up is a distant memory with the Body-Solid G6BR Home Gym. This home gym has six stations to work your entire body. You’ll find an ab crunch, leg extension, seated row, bi-angular press arms, lat pulldown and seated row.

    Regardless of how much weight you’re pushing, this heavy-duty machine can handle the load. Along with steel aircraft cables and 2,200-pound tension strength, the machine also boasts a low-maintenance design. The frame is powder-coated for added durability.

    A 210-pound weight stack is included to help you get started. If you need more weight, consider upgrading to the optional 260-pound weight stack. High-density pads with lumbar support help reduce back pain.

    You’ll find plenty of accessories, including revolving straight and lat bars, ankle and triceps straps, a full exercise chart and a workout DVD. This home gym also comes with a water bottle and towel holder.

  8. 8. Weider 2980 X Home Gym System

    • Resistance up to 214 pounds
    • Has 80 pounds of stacked weight
    • Includes high and low pulleys, chest press, and more
    • Assembly can be tedious
    • Not the most compact home gym
    • Doesn't have the highest weight capacity

    With six different stations for building muscle, the Weider 2980 X Home Gym System is an easy choice for your favorite full-body workouts. The machine comes with all the essentials and more, from a chest press to chest fly, high and low pulleys, leg developer, preacher curl and more.

    This piece of home gym workout equipment also has 80 pounds of stacked weight, with a resistance up to 214 pounds. The entire unit is made with durable stainless steel for peace of mind.

  9. 9. Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym

    • Comes with a 150-pound weight stack
    • Supports chest and butterfly press
    • Comfortable foam padded press arms
    • Assembly can take awhile
    • Sparse setup instructions
    • Somewhat limited range of motion for taller users

    An adjustable preacher curl pad, a feature not always found on budget-friendly home gyms, is a welcome addition for those who want to work out their abs and triceps with this Marcy home gym. The gym comes with a 150-pound adjustable weight stack.

    An included leg developer effectively aligns with the knee joints for proper movements during leg curls and leg extensions. Multi-position high and low pulleys add more versatility to your workouts.

    Other highlights include foam padded press arms and an included lower cable and ankle strap to complete various lower body exercises. The gym can support users up to 300 pounds.

  10. 10. Total Gym APEX G5

    • Incline glideboard lets you use your own body weight as resistance
    • On-demand workouts streaming 24/7
    • Comes with 10 resistance levels
    • Glide board pad isn't very thick
    • Does't have transport wheels for storage
    • Not ideal for heavy weightlifting

    It may be compact, but you can complete over 80 exercises on the Total Gym APEX G5. A multi-purpose design makes this home gym a solid choice for smaller spaces, as you can use it for your favorite strength, stretching and cardio routines.

    Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user, there are 10 resistance levels to keep you in shape or improving your fitness goals. An incline glideboard lets you use your own body weight as resistance to perform an even wider variety of exercises.

    This machine is so efficient that you only need to set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day to enjoy a full-body workout. It also supports up to 375 pounds and accommodates various fitness abilities.

    Several accessories are included, such as a squat stand, wing attachment, leg pull accessory and dip bars. You’ll also find a training card deck to keep your workouts going smoothly. If you want to mix it up even more, check out the on-demand Total Gym TV platform to stream workouts 24/7.

    If you don’t need quite so many features or are shopping on a more limited budget, consider the Total Gym APEX G3. While this indoor gym is a step down in terms of price and features, it still provides eight resistance levels and attachments for a complete full-body workout. The entry-level and more affordable Total Gym APEX G1 has six levels of resistance and attachments, which is plenty for over 60 unique exercises.

  11. 11. Body-Solid Multi-Station Selectorized Gym (EXM3000LPS)

    • Built for home and light commercial use
    • Can be used by three people simultaneously
    • Converts to a 420-pound leg press
    • Doesn't include a vertical knee raise
    • Requires plenty of space
    • Tricky to assemble

    Instead of spending valuable time waiting for your turn on the most popular pieces of exercise equipment, consider adding this Body-Solid multi-station gym to your home. This gym is sturdy enough for light commercial and home use.

    It’s not exactly compact, but you’ll find seven distinct work stations. Highlights include the leg press, multi-press station, ab crunch, leg extension, low pulley station and more.

    Dual 210-pound weight stacks provide plenty of resistance, even for the fittest among us. This workhorse provides almost 30 unique workouts along with three stations for maximum gains.

Which Home Gyms Are Best?

Any home gym that gives you a sufficient workout is a good investment. 

If you're looking to establish a workout routine, knowing general exercise recommendations can help.

According to Harvard Medical School, healthy adults should incorporate muscle-strengthening exercises into their workout routines at least two days per week. The same source notes that this type of activity builds endurance, power, mass and muscle strength.

Which All in One Home Gym Do You Suggest?

The best home gym for you might be one that comes with all the bells and whistles, allowing you to enjoy a true full-body workout. If this sounds like what you're looking for, we found several great all in one home gyms. 

One of our top picks is the XMark Functional Trainer, you'll get an included adjustable bench along with quick-adjust pulleys with 19 settings, a multi-grip revolving curl bar, tricep press-down bar and more.

You might also like the Inspire Fitness M5, which comes with a low row, aluminum lat bar, curl bar and optional leg press and ab bars.

The Body-Solid Fusion 500 has a four-position standard press arm along with a leg extension, chest presses, lat pulldowns and more.

Which Compact Home Gym Is Best for Me?

Smaller can sometimes be better, especially when you are looking for home gym equipment that will fit into an apartment or a more compact home gym space. 

If space is at a premium in your home, we suggest the Stamina Warrior, which stands out for its highly compact and no-frills design.  In fact, this home gym is best suited for basic arm and leg exercises using your body weight, as well as HIIT sessions. 

CAP Barbell Home Gym is another compact system that comes with all the essentials you need, even in a limited space. Even the Bowflex PR1000 is on the smaller side compared with other home gym sets.

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