Marquise Brown’s 2019 Ravens Highlight Reel Revealed [WATCH]

Marquise Brown

Getty Marquise Brown hauls in an amazing pass.

The Baltimore Ravens suffered from a bit of an offensive power outage during their loss in the playoffs, but the future remains bright for the team thanks to high flying rookie wideout Marquise Brown.

Last season, while fighting to come back off injury, Brown still made a solid impact for the Ravens, and while it was a struggle at times for him to put up consistent numbers, that does nothing to diminish what an exciting future he has with the team and their offense.

Recently, the NFL put together a highlight package which showed some of Brown’s most exciting plays from the 2019 season. Here’s a look:

Perhaps the best play? Brown’s one handed grab within heavy traffic in the playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. Overall, though, he flashed his most serious league potential while going up against the Miami Dolphins and exploding for a pair of touchdowns.

It’s clear Brown is heading for a special career in Baltimore with these highlights considered.

Marquise Brown Named Ravens Breakout Player

As this video shows, wideout Marquise Brown has a great shot at being a dominating force in the league in due time. After being drafted in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, Brown played an important role for the Ravens, albeit not as huge of one as he could have.

There’s a reason for that and it has everything to do with the injury Brown was still recovering from when he joined the team. Recently, a piece at ESPN by Jamison Hensley explained everything that Brown was dealing with, and it’s clear he wasn’t exactly completely healthy much of last year.

Here’s what was written:

“Team officials acknowledged their top deep threat hadn’t fully healed from his foot surgery from a year ago and his contributions were missing in several games. The expectation is Brown will become faster and more impactful in his second season, which can boost the weakest area in Lamar Jackson’s game.

Brown showed flashes of being a dangerous playmaker on the outside, tying a Ravens rookie record with seven touchdown catches this season and posting the fifth-fastest average maximum speed by an NFL wide receiver. In the 28-12 playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans, Brown totaled 126 yards receiving on seven catches, including a spectacular one-handed grab for 38 yards.

It was uncertain how much he would contribute in his first season after he had surgery in January 2019 to repair a fracture in the middle of his foot. That caused him to fall to the No. 25 overall pick in the draft and forced him to miss all of the offseason spring workouts as well as all of the team drills in the first two weeks of training camp.”

With this in mind, it’s amazing to think that Brown could only be expected to get better in 2020, and be able to really get his career going.

The fact he played through pain and excelled only seems to indicate bigger and better things being on the horizon for him in the future. For this reason, keep Brown in mind as a breakout player for 2020.

Marquise Brown Rookie Stats

Even though Brown might not have had the best numbers to start his career, it’s clear the rookie was no slouch in his first season in the league. Even though he endured an up and down campaign, Brown still put together 7 touchdowns and 584 yards, which were great numbers for the wide receiver.

Brown could be expected to do even better this season, and prove why he is a major weapon the Ravens can count on for the future and their offense. That’s especially true given his speed and big play ability.

This video shows the whole package which Brown can be for the Ravens.

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