Grant Hill was the ‘First’ LeBron James, Says NBA Champion [Watch]

Getty Grant Hill versus Utah Jazz

Grant Hill was a problem in the early 90s and would go on to be inducted into Hall of Fame as a part of the Class of 2018 along with Jason Kidd, Maurice Cheeks, Ray Allen, Tina Thompson, and Katie Smith.

During his career 19-year career, Hill was named to the All-Star team on seven different occasions and was named Co-Rookie of the Year after the completion of the 1994-95 season alongside Jason Kidd. He also won two National Champions in college at Duke.

Hill averaged 16.7 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game in 1026 games and was named to five All-NBA teams.

During an episode of NBA TV’s Open back in 2016, former Detroit Pistons‘ point guard Chauncey Billups shared that Grant Hill was the first LeBron James.

“Grant Hill was the first LeBron James, said Billups. “I’m talking context straight triple-double and dominating the game playing defense. The dude did everything; nobody did that before that.

Grant Hill on the Comparison to LeBron James

LeBron James is playing now with the Los Angeles Lakers like Hill played in the early 90s. James is being asked to get his teammates involved and also be one of the primary scorers along with providing rebounding. Hill was also a threat to go for a triple-double every night in his heyday.

In a recent interview, Heavy’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson asked Hill if he saw any similarities between his and James’ games.

“I think the way we approach the game, the versatility, the role, leading the team in points, rebounds, and assists were similar,” Grant Hill told Robinson.

“We’re big guys handling the ball, point forward, impacting the game in a number of ways. “Even though he’s done it for a longer period of time, I do see some similarities.”

This season, LeBron James the Los Angeles Lakers in first place in the Western Conference with a 46-13 record. He is also tied for the league in triple-doubles with Dallas Mavericks’ guard Luka Doncic [13]. James is also averaging 25.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 10.6 assists per game in 55 games for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Former Pistons forward Grant Long explained the one area Grant Hill was head of James coming into the league. In September of 2018, Long was interviewed by James Edward III of The Athletic and shared that Grant Hill was more secure in his own skin.

“He was just so secure in his own skin,” Grant Long said.  “One day, Coach wanted him to take a 3-point shot, and I vividly remember him, saying, ‘No, Terry Mills is a better 3-point shooter.’ He didn’t have a problem saying that because he understood where his game was and where he was effective.”

“Think of how many things LeBron goes through. They always say he passes too much. They say, ‘Why would he defer to another player when he’s so good?’ Well, Grant Hill was the king of that. He understood when there was someone better than him at something.… He recognized his own talent, and he never tried to do too much. He did what he was capable of, which was more than enough.”

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