Seahawks’ Trade Rumors Swirl Around Former Pro Bowl Defensive End

Seahawks Rumors

Getty The Seahawks have a rumored interest in Yannick Ngakoue.

As the Jadeveon Clowney watch continues, the Seahawks are making sure they have contingency plans in case the pass rusher bolts for perceived greener pastures. One name that continues to pop up on the Seahawks’ radar is Jaguars’ pass-rusher Yannick Ngakoue.

The defensive end was set to be a free agent, but the Jaguars placed the franchise tag on him to avoid letting the defensive end walk for nothing. Both parties have been vocal about their desire to move on, and the franchise tag allows Jacksonville to get something in return. The Seahawks have consistently been linked to Ngakoue in several reports including Pro Football Network’s Benjamin Albright listing Seattle as one of the teams in contact with the Jaguars.

Pro Football Network’s NFL Insider Ben Allbright is reporting that several teams have inquired about Ngakoue and are interested in making a deal with Jacksonville. Those teams include the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, and the New York Jets. The Philadelphia Eagles have also checked in on Ngakoue. But their level of interest is unclear at the moment.

Fans Have Been Using Ngakoue’s Instagram For Signs of Where He Could Be Traded

With no other sports to compete with, NFL free agency has taken center stage this week. Fans have been following Ngakoue’s Instagram posts for signs of where he may get traded. The pass rusher posted a photo at an airport that some fans insisted looked like Seattle. Ngakoue never announced where he was located, but the NFL’s current travel ban makes it unlikely that it was related to the rumors as ESPN’s Brady Henderson detailed.

“Regarding Yannick Ngakoue’s IG photo that sort of looks like it could be from Sea-Tac airport: based on my interpretation and
@SeifertESPN’s of this memo, it doesn’t seem that Ngakoue would have any reason to be in Seattle for anything related to a possible trade to the Seahawks,” Henderson explained on Twitter.

Re-Signing Clowney Is Likely the Seahawks Preference Over Trading For Ngakoue

The following day Ngakoue posted photos hinting at the Eagles, showing why social media is hard to take with anything more than a grain of salt when it comes to trade rumors. All indications are the Seahawks’ preference would be to re-sign Clowney rather than trade for potentially a one-year rental like Ngakoue.

It would likely take at least a first-round pick to acquire Ngakoue, and he would be a free agent next offseason. The Seahawks would find themselves in a similar situation that they are in now with Clowney, and Ngakoue is unlikely to expect any less money. There is also the chance they could offer him a new deal as part of the trade, but it is hard to imagine it would be any more favorable than what Clowney is demanding.

Objections aside, there is a reason the Seahawks have interest in Ngakoue. The defensive end has been a master at getting to the quarterback notching at least eight sacks in each of his four NFL seasons. Ngakoue has only missed one game in his entire career and will turn 25 years old at the end of March with his prime years still ahead of him.

Sure, re-signing Clowney would be the preferential option, but it takes two to tango. It is unclear if the Seahawks would need to slightly tweak their offer, or overhaul is completely to have the chance to keep Clowney even for one more season. The reality is there is no guarantee Clowney will return, and the Seahawks remain committed to improving their pass rush heading into next season. If it comes to giving up draft picks, the Seahawks may be willing to pull the trigger if a Pro Bowler is on the other end of the deal.

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