Wrestlemania 36 News: Brock Lesnar is LeBron James of WWE Says Mark Henry

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar


Los Angeles Lakers point guard LeBron James is on top of the NBA world. Before the novel coronavirus pandemic caused the NBA to go on hiatus James’ Lakers were on fire behind the play of he and teammate Anthony Davis.

Their impact was felt. James led the league in assists and the Lakers currently sits in first place in the NBA’s Western Conference.

Appearing on Instagram Live’s WORDS WITH SCOOP segment, WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry discussed James’ significance to the NBA. While on #WORDSWITHSCOOP Henry told me that Brock Lesnar is the LeBron James of the NBA.

Check out my notes below.

Mark Henry on who is the ‘LeBron James’ of the WWE:

“The player that you can’t live without, and that presses go in every box and if I’m picking one overall, I pick Brock Lesner. And the reason that I pick Brock is because is not just a good entertainer, and he just so happens to be one of the human beings on the planet. Not to mention, whenever Brock is involved in a Pay-per-View, it sells more and dollars play a price in it. A lot of people think wow man, you can have a Wrestlemania without Randy Orton. You can have Wrestlemania without Seth Rollins. And there’s a changing of the guard. That guy used to be the Undertaker. You can’t do without the Undertaker. And I think that Brock took the mantle for being more valuable. But when it comes to reverence and the historical nature, that guy is the Undertaker. But right now I would put my money on Brock. Like I said, there’s a changing of guard in our business right now. LeBron kind of assumed that role from the Shaq and Kobes of the world and eventually he’s going to have to give that mantle up to Giannis or maybe even the young kid Zion. You know, I don’t know who’s going to assume that role later on – if you look at Memphis, I’ma tell right now – Ja [Morant] is entertaining. If we can get him a little bit more polished and well read, and exposed to what the business of what the NBA is, he might be one of those guys that you don’t want a basketball final without him in it. In a perfect world, these rookies will go away and Ja and Zion will be on the team…Nasty Nasty!! And they’re friends. They played together in AAU. If it’s about business and it’s about championships, I live out my obligation and I go play with somebody that I have a – I guess What magic and Kareem had. What Michael and Scottie had. What Dwayne Wade and LeBron had. Sometimes when you have fun, and you actually say that, ‘I don’t care if I get off or not. The weakness is him against his man. Let’s get him off and that we’ll all eat around that guy.’ That’s what makes players really, really great. It’s being able to say I know where the weakness is it doesn’t make me less of a greater player because I allow him to get off because that what – and look at the Lakers with LeBron and Anthony Davis. LeBron plays down and plays second to Anthony Davis about 75% percent of the time. And that’s because he wants to win. Not everybody can check their ego at say I’m not going to get my 26, 11 and 11. I’m not going to get my 28, 6 and 6. I’m not going to get my numbers. LeBron sacrifices his numbers so he can win the game. Anthony Davis is somebody that you facilitate through and you know he’s going to get a mismatch if they double team LeBron. There’s nobody in the League that can handle either one of those players one on one and they create double teams all the time. Every time down the floor.”