NFL Legend Deion Sanders on Falcons’ First-Round Pick: ‘I’ll Take Him Any Day’

Deion Sanders

NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

I know you have been told to put the LSU game in the past, but this is important to know. The night of the LSU v. Clemson national title game, NFL legend Deion Sanders tweeted out that he was praying for A.J. Terrell.

Many of you know that Terrell was having the worst game of his career while millions of viewers tuned in to see it. Sanders tweeted out a prayer and followers thought he was throwing shade at the Clemson CB, which turns out he sure as heck wasn’t.

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What Prime Time Meant

Sander’s tweet went viral so he addressed what he meant by it on NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL Combine back in February.

Terrell struggled to defend LSU star wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase allowing him to catch a 52-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter.

“Let me tell you something about this kid. I tweeted out ‘I’m praying for this kid’ as the game was going on and some people took it wrong,” Sanders said. “What I was praying for was his ability to stay focused and his mental toughness.”

Sanders pointed out the fact that Terrell never gave up while he was in the spotlight and anyone watching who has been in his shoes before could see that.

“He didn’t give up,” Sanders said. “When you get beat like that on national TV, you go into the tank. Now the DB coach has to fish you out of the dern tank the whole rest of the game. He did not do that. He stayed true, got right up there and bumped and run and did his job. I love it.”

While others view the game as Terrell’s worst game, Sanders shines a more positive light on the cornerback’s character.

“When you get like he got in that game but was able to stay focused and not give up and give in, that showed me a lot, man,” he said. “So, I love what this kid did and how he finished that game. I’ll take him any day.”

Terrell’s Character

Sanders is the second notable guy to comment on the kind of guy Terrell is. His former coach, Dabo Swinney, who doesn’t even need an introduction, compared Terrell to Texans’ star QB Deshaun Watson.

“A.J. Terrell is the Deshaun Watson of this group, and what I mean by that is he’s a Deshaun Watson at a different position,” Swinney said. “The reason I say that — and this is what I’ve told everybody — is his consistency. He’s handled himself like a pro since the day he got here as far as his maturity, his love of preparation, his mindset, and the type of teammate he is. He’s got unique intangibles to go along with a rare skillset for his position.”

To me, that says a lot more than one bad game under the lights.

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