Falcons Now Have ‘One of the Stingiest CB’s’ on Their Defense

A.J. Terrell

Getty A.J. Terrell #8 of the Clemson Tigers.

Last Thursday the Atlanta Falcons went into the draft knowing exactly who they wanted. Former Clemson cornerback, A.J. Terrell was selected as the Falcons’ No. 16 pick.

It was a surprise that the Falcons didn’t live up to the media hype of taking that big leap into the top-5, but it’s a good thing they stayed in their place. It’ll pay off in the long haul.

It’s time to stop hopping on the bandwagon of upset Atlanta fans and it’s time to ignore the expert analysts who are handing out bad grades to the Falcons’ first-round pick. If you really know football, you know that A.J. Terrell has a chance to be one of the best in the NFL—he was already one of the best in college football.

The former Clemson Tiger had YET to allow more than 60 yards in coverage in a single game before playing on the big stage in the national championship game.

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Clemson Breeds Legends

Well-known college football coach and Terrell’s coach as a Tiger, Dabo Swinney said it best.

“Every Sunday you can turn on the TV and there’s not a great, great All-Pro corner that doesn’t get beat by a great wideout from time-to-time,” Swinney said.

I’ll admit, just like you, I judged the Falcons first pick because I was expecting a big trade for a bigger name and the LSU game fueled the fire of not liking him. And then I slept on it.

You have to look at the big picture, you can’t be simple-minded

In 2018, Clemson held Alabama to 16 points facing a Crimson Tide offense that featured Tua Tagovailoa at quarterback and Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III at the receiver. ALL three of those guys went early in the first round last Thursday night.

In his college career, Terrel has had six career interceptions and a memorable 44-yard pick-six against Tagovailoa in the 2019 national championship where the Tigers brought home a 44-16 title win.

That’s the kind of player Atlanta is getting.

A New First Impression

People tend to hang on to first impressions but Terrell is getting a fresh start come September. It’s honestly sad that Terrell had to address the media head-on about the LSU game on the best day of his life. But that also shows what kind of guy he is—he’s not afraid to own up to his mistakes.

“You have to have a short-term memory regarding the struggles in the national title game,” Terrell said Thursday night.

Terrell also emphasized on bringing consistency to Atlanta and who he looks forward to facing the most:

“Anybody, you know just going in there and competing with any WR in the league. I don’t have one WR in particular, just going into each game and just compete against everybody in the same way.’’

A.J. Terrell is projected to sign a 4 year $14.3M contract with the Falcons, including an $8M signing bonus.

Falcons fans, it’s time to start cheering for your new cornerback.

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