Ex-NFL Legend Deion Sanders Told Todd Gurley Not to Wear No.21

Deion Sanders

Getty 2017: Deion Sanders attends Super Bowl 51.

Earlier this week, Atlanta Falcons’ newly acquired running back, Todd Gurley made a decision on what number he will rep in Atlanta. Former NFL and Falcons legend, Deion Sanders wasn’t too happy about it.

The old Rams RB chose No.21 for his new jersey which was the same number Sanders wore throughout his career.

In fact, Gurley told 92.9 The Game on Friday that Sanders had reached out to him and tried to convince him not to wear that number. Gurley understood why but it didn’t stop him from picking 21.

“Prime was hating on me,” Gurley said. “He told me don’t wear it… If I was Prime, I wouldn’t want nobody be wearing my number either.”

It seems like Sanders may have forgotten that he is not the only player to have repped No.21 fairly well after he left Atlanta.

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Retire No. 21

Sanders had recently been on-air with Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network’s Total Access to discuss the Falcons’ new uniform design. It also gave him a perfect opportunity to suggest that the Falcons should retire his old jersey.

“I absolutely love them,” Sanders said on Total Access.

“Although I wish they would have incorporated red pants. I need red pants in there as well. Only thing I don’t like about these uniforms is I really do think they need to take No. 21 and put it up in the rafters and leave it alone. Leave it alone. LEAVE IT ALONE.”

But on Easter Sunday, Sanders took to Twitter to clarify that he was joking with Gurley about not wanting him to rep his old number.

“Thank u for your love but it ain’t that deep to me,” Sanders tweeted. “I was joking with @TG3II I love that youngsta and proud that he will represent it right. I love these kids that play today and wish them all well.”

Though the Falcons do not retire jerseys, nobody has worn 31 since William Andrews retired in 1986.

Gurley Will Not Disappoint

Sanders clearly believes nobody has worn No. 21 better than him. Yet, other outstanding players have repped the same number. Most recently, cornerback Desmond Trufant wore it for seven years. The number was also worn by Eric Metcalf, Elijah Williams, Darrien Gordon, Juran Bolden, DeAngelo Hall, and Chris Owens.

Gurley will take over No.21 and Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is confident in him.

“As far as him contributing to our team if and when — which I’m going to say ‘when’ he passes our physical — I think he’s going to do a very good job contributing to this offense. Thinking about all the skills that he brings to the table for us, not only as a runner but as a guy that can catch ball, again we are very encouraged by what we think he can add to us.”

We’ll see what Sanders has to say at the end of the season but for now, 21 is ALL Gurley’s.

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