WATCH: Life-Changing Phone Call For Falcons Marlon Davidson

Marlon Davidson

Defensive lineman Marlon Davidson of Auburn.

Former Auburn defensive lineman, Marlon Davidson got the call he’d been working hard for his entire life on Friday early in the second round (47th overall).

Here’s what the phone call from the Atlanta Falcons looked like:

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‘He Better Say Yes’

GM Thomas Dimitroff: Marlon, Thomas Dimitroff with the Falcons, how are you doing? You interested in joining us at the Atlanta Falcons?

Owner Arthur Blank: He better say yes.

GM: We’re so excited we’re going to pick you now. Congratulations. I’m going to hang up the phone. They’re going to call you back and you’re going to get on the line with our head coach, Dan Quinn. And then Dan is going to pass you over to our owner, Arthur Blank. Ok? Congratulations, we’re really excited about adding you to this defense.

Head Coach Dan Quinn: Did you put it in?

President Rich McKay: Yeah, of course.

Mr. Blank: Send it in?

President McKay: Yes

Dimitroff: Send it in!

President McKay: Pick is in!

Marlon Davidson on the Phone With Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn

Marlon: Hello?

Coach Quinn: You there?

Marlon: Yes I am.

Coach Quinn: Alright, it’s coach Dan Quinn how you doing brother?

Marlon: I’m going great thanks.

Coach Quinn: Yeah well man, welcome to the brotherhood of the Falcons man, we’re real excited to have you on board.

Marlon: Yes, I’m glad as well.

Coach Quinn: It’s gonna be awesome man, we can’t wait to get connected and have you be a part of this thing man. So, I’m going to kick you over right now to Mr. Blank and we’ll be in touch soon man congrats! This is a good day, brother.

Marlon: Yes sir, thank you.

Marlon on the Phone With Falcons Owner Arthur Blank

Mr. Blank: Marlon, can you hear me? Hey Marlon?

Marlon: Yes sir, I can!

Mr. Blank: Good, this is Mr. Blank. Love having another pick close to home. We love the War Eagles and excited about you and exactly all the things you can bring to my defense which is strength in a variety of ways. *loud cheer/scream from Marlon’s family* It would be nice if you family would be able to come over here watch some games, be convenient for them. We look forward to getting you here on campus as soon as we can. So congratulations.

Marlon: Yes sir, thank you so much!

Mr. Blank: You’re more than welcome and we’ll see you soon, ok?

Marlon: Yes, sir, yes sir, see ya’ll soon!

Mr. Blank: Ok bud, take care of yourself.

Dimitroff Closes it Out

Dimitroff: Alright guys, that’s a good addition!

Falcons fans, get excited! Marlon Davidson is coming to Atlanta ready to “kill.” 

“What I love most about the game? Most about the game…this is true now, this is true. I love most about the game is that I can literally go out there and hit a man consistently and pound him, and the police not come.”

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