New Ravens Lineman Makes Bold Predictions About Defense

Derek Wolfe

Getty Derek Wolfe celebrates a big play in 2017.

The Baltimore Ravens have added Derek Wolfe to the defense, and while his addition might not come with tons of fanfare, it’s still a useful move for the team to help turn around their fortunes for 2020.

How good can the team’s defense be next season? Perhaps best in the NFL, and perhaps good enough to set some impressive records. Clearly, Wolfe is planning on helping the Ravens become great, and he is already planning on shutting down some of the best rushing attacks in the league.

As he explained to the media, Wolfe thinks the Ravens will end up changing the game due to their defensive line and having a huge year as a result.

It’s true that the Ravens could be set to have a defense that will take over, and the big predictions might only just start rolling in for a group which should be vastly improved for this season.

Baltimore’s defense was a top group in the league this past season. They were rated the No. 3 defense in terms of total yards allowed (300.6), the No. 6 defense in terms of passing yards per-game (207.2), and the 5th ranked rush defense in the league with 93.4 yards per-game. Obviously, there is room for them to improve, and that’s just what Wolfe sees happening.

Colin Cowherd: Ravens Have Best NFL Roster

Finally, the Ravens are getting a little love for their work building the team in recent years. General manager Eric DeCosta got some major respect from Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd. According to Cowherd, the Ravens have the best roster in the NFL at this point in time. Here’s a look at that, and the other teams who place on the list just behind Baltimore.

Perhaps the biggest reason the Ravens are in such good shape is their quarterback Lamar Jackson. Offensively, the team also has some quality pieces such as Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews, and the defense has been beefed up with players who are both young and old this offseason.

This version of the Ravens will have to overcome some disappointment in the playoffs in order to take this throne, but clearly, the talent is there. The most fascinating part will be watching to see if the team can put everything together in the next few years and prove the analysts right.

Getting Wolfe into the mix might only help them prove this more right in the short term, and this roster on the defensive side could help the team take off.

Ravens Credited For Defensive Building

The Ravens have been keeping things together on the back end of their defense, and that’s good news as it relates to how the team is being built for their future according to some pundits.

Pro Football Focus contributor Gordon McGuinness recently tweeted about the approach the Ravens have with Eric DeCosta building his team, and lauded the fact that Baltimore seems to be building around players who are solid and stout on the back end and know the team’s scheme incredibly well. As he says, that’s how a defense should be constructed.

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The Ravens recently re-signed Jimmy Smith, which was a huge move in order to keep a group together which has been very solid. That’s in addition to what they already have on the roster and what they will get back in 2020.

This shows that the Ravens might have the right plan as it relates to keeping their roster in shape. Though they build things from the back end out, the front is very strong and might be able to dominate when all is said and done next season.

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