Carson Wentz Talks Relationship with Eagles GM, Input ‘Limited’

Carson Wentz

Getty Carson Wentz is excited to work with his new speed threats on offense.

In many NFL organizations, the franchise quarterback has a ton of input on personnel decisions. Apparently, that is not the case in Philadelphia.

There has been much speculation over the past several months about the amount of say that Carson Wentz has in evaluating talent. He was thought to be a strong voice when it came to looking at guys in free agency and hand-picking rookies. Eagles GM Howie Roseman had even alluded to “communicating” with Wentz and other players on roster moves. However, Wentz shot down that notion on a video conference call.

“It’s limited [his input] but I can assure you that Howie and I are on good terms and in a good place,” Wentz said. “I trust him and the decisions that he is making and the plan that he put into place in the offseason, with adding [Darius] Slay and [Javon] Hargrave, and the pieces that we’ve added on that side [on defense].

“And, finally, through the draft by adding some offensive talent as well, then adding Marquise [Goodwin] as well. I feel extremely confident in what he’s done and the pieces that we’ve been able to add. I’ll kind of leave it at that.”

But it doesn’t really matter who developed the draft strategy, one that valued speed above all else. The important takeaway for Wentz was they committed to getting him weapons on offense. He called first-round pick Jalen Reagor an “explosive playmaker” and cited the “speed dynamic” that newcomer Marquise Goodwin brings to the field.

“I’m extremely pumped and thrilled to get to work with [Reagor] and the rest of the guys that we’ve added in the draft,” Wentz said. “I’m extremely excited, not just with adding Jalen in the first round — adding his speed — but also going out and getting Marquise.”

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Wentz Likes ‘Diversity’ of Eagles’ Pass-Catching Group

Wentz was quick to duck specific questions about the types of receivers he prefers on offense. He and Roseman certainly talked a bit about guys they liked but due to tampering rules — and for fear of starting controversy — the quarterback didn’t feel comfortable fully sharing his thoughts.

That being said, Wentz did outline the traits he likes in his weapons. The organization put a premium on speed in the offseason, but the 27-year-old face of the franchise cautioned that it takes all types to get an offense humming.

“I think you need different receivers. I think if you have all that are the same and say, ‘This is the type of guy I need.’ Well, your offense is going to be limited,” Wentz said. “So I’m excited just because we have diversity within our receivers, and the skill sets that each of them brings, from size differences to speed differences and what they each really do well. I’m excited to kind of get around those guys and see.”

He made sure to include the tight ends in that group, too. Both Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert have been staples in the Eagles’ pass-happy attack over the years. They combined for 146 catches for 1,523 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2019.

“Obviously, we’ve had a ton of success with our tight ends over the years. Both Dallas and Zach, even Perk [Joshua Perkins] coming back, so I have a lot of confidence and faith in using those guys over the middle,” Wentz said. “Those big bodies, those big type of guys, that are super reliable.”

Of course, he was down one explosive playmaker for most of the year when DeSean Jackson was lost due to season-ending core muscle surgery. Jackson finished with nine receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns, with 99-percent of that damage being done in Week 1. Wentz expressed excitement over getting him back.

“Unfortunately you didn’t get to see a ton of working with DeSean last year but I think I can find chemistry with any of those guys,” Wentz said. “You just have to find ways to be creative with how we use everyone’s skillsets and that’s something that coach does extremely well, in putting guys in the best positions to succeed.”

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