Jeff Okudah Makes Significant Promise to Lions Fans

Jeff Okudah

Getty Jeff Okudah playing with Ohio State.

The Detroit Lions drafted Jeff Okudah just over a month ago, and already the rookie is outlining what he plans to do as he makes the transition to the NFL full time.

Okudah tweeted out a photo of himself in his new Lions colors, and if that wasn’t enough, he also revealed a promise. According to the cornerback, he’s going to give his all for the team he was just drafted to join.

It’s one thing for a player to say he plans on giving his all, but it’s another for him to do so publicly and make it a mindset. That’s what Okudah appears to be doing here.

For most, this will be the first time anyone has gotten a look at what Okudah will look like in his new Detroit uniform. Okudah will wear his collegiate No. 1 when camp starts, and after that, will have to pick a new jersey number to wear when he starts in the NFL.

Regardless of what number he wears, it’s nice to see Okudah understands the most important thing is playing hard for his new city.

Glover Quin Explains Jeff Okudah’s NFL Path

Quin, on his podcast The DB Room, welcomed cornerback Jeff Okudah into the mix and touched on a number of topics. One of the best questions he asked was what veteran players Okuah liked watching and modeled his game after. Okudah cited Stephon Gilmore thanks to the type of smart game he plays.

Who Is Jeff Okudah?Skip to the 28:00 minute mark for interview with Jeff! We are going to welcome Detroit Lions #3 overall draft pick out of Ohio State, Jeff Okudah! We are going to talk life and some football!2020-05-22T01:52:24Z

Quin explained to Okudah what he has to do in order to get himself to that point and it involved plenty of hard work and paying attention to the veterans on the team.

“I would say this to you man, from one old guy to a young guy. The way to get to that level for one, is to always pick the brains of the veteran guys. Talk to them all the time, always ask question. For two, study. The game slows down when you know what you’re doing. It moves extremely fast when you don’t. Because every team is doing motion, they’re coming out in these funky formations. Not only that, you’re covering the bet athletes in the world against the best quarterbacks in the world so the game is moving fast. When you know exactly what you’re doing.”

As Quin said, Okudah simply has to put in the time in order to get himself to the next level on the field as he prepares to enter the NFL.

“From one old guy to a young guy, To get to that point, study, study, study. And I’m in your corner bro. I’m happy for you man. The fans are going to love you man. They are awesome bro,” he said.

Okudah comes to Detroit highly regarded as the best cornerback of the NFL Draft, and now, he will determine what course he is able to chart as a player. With Quin in his ear and giving him advice, it’s safe to say Okudah is in good shape moving forward to make an impact.

Jeffrey Okudah Called Perfect Fit For Lions

A pair of Pro Football Focus analysts explained why Okudah is such a good fit for plenty of teams, especially the Lions, and why he ranks so highly given what he did in college.

“He is the number one cornerback in this draft class. He should be, realistically, the first cornerback drafted within the top three picks in a while,” they said. “It just hasn’t happened. It’s a rare thing to see, but for our money, the second most valuable position on the football field.”

When it came to the Lions, production is the thing that should catch their eye with Okudah most of all according to the PFF folks.

“Someone like the Lions should be more than willing to make Jeffrey Okudah their first round pick with just how dominant he’s been over the course of his college career. For his entire career in college he’s allowed 5.4 yards per target. From freshman year to junior year. That’s absurd. Rare to see a guy play at that high a level,” they said.”

Detroit might not be the only team to consider Okudah heavily, but their scheme could represent the best fit given man coverage.

“Three, four and five, Lions, Giants and Dolphins all would, should consider Okudah,” they said. “I think he is that good. We always speak to this too. With Okudah and Ohio State cornerbacks, they always play a ton of man coverage, having that experience, the Lions fit is too easy.”

The smart money remains on Okudah being a strong payer when all is said and done, and his talent figures helpful to build up a miserable defense.

Jeffrey Okudah Stats

Okudah could be the best player on the board when the Lions end up picking at No. 3. As also explained elsewhere, evaluators love his length and size. It could be a winning combination for a needy Detroit pass defense that has been exposed in a major way this season on the back end.

At Ohio State, Okudah has put up some excellent numbers in a short time. He’s collected 78 tackles, 3 interceptions, 16 passes defended and 2 fumble recoveries. Perhaps better than that for the Lions, he didn’t allow a completion over 50 yards this season.

That paints the portrait of a player who can be a potential lock down defender at the next level. Okudah was also a popular selection in mock drafts for Detroit, and that was proven right when the team selected him.

Now that he’s a member of the Lions, folks will hope Okudah can bring passion to the field.

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