Luke Sandoe Dead: Professional Bodybuilder Dies at 30

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Luke Sandoe, a professional bodybuilder, died this week at the age of 30. Sandoe, who was from the United Kingdom, was found dead in his home by his training partner and friend James Hollingshead and his girlfriend, according to a report by Ron Harris, the online editor for Muscular Development magazine.

His cause of death has not been released, nor has his exact date of death. Harris asked that fans refrain from speculating “about health conditions or anything like that. Right now there is no evidence that it was related to the bodybuilding lifestyle or gear or anything like that. There’s no indication that any of that played a role in this at all.” Harris said an update would be provided as soon as it’s available.

Update: May 8: Sandoe’s cause of death has still not been officially confirmed. Sandoe’s friend Ben Chow posted on social media the bodybuilder’s apparent cause of death, saying that he ended his own life. This has been covered in another article, click here to read more. 

Luke Sandoe Was a British IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Sandoe was born and raised in Christchurch, in the south of England. He studied illustration and human biology in college before changing to music practice and technology. In an interview, he also said that he used to play drums for a years before becoming a professional bodybuilder and starting a coaching business.

Sandoe was a professional bodybuilder with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). His first bodybuilding competition as an amateur was in 2012 as a junior at the age of 23. He also placed second in the UKBFF British finals that same year.

In 2015, Sandoe finished sixth overall in the super heavyweight division, according to his bio on his website. He became a professional bodybuilder and earned his IFBB pro card in October 2016 when he took the super heavy as well as the overall British title.

According to an interview, Sandoe was the father of a daughter and a son, and he said that the achievement he was most proud of was: “Being a father then winning the British Finals and turning pro is second.”

Sandoe Was a Part of the ‘Luke & James’ Show But Was Absent From the May 6 Stream on Facebook Live

Sandoe was known for his videos on YouTube and articles with publications including Muscular Development. During a May 6 episode of Luke & James, a show where fans can ask Sandoe and Hollingshead questions, Sandoe was absent. The show was streamed live on Sandoe’s athlete Facebook page.

At the end of the show, host Johnny Styles from REDCON1 said: “We don’t have a clue where Luke is.”

Bodybuilding Community Reacted to Sandoe’s Death on Social Media

After the news of Sandoe’s death broke, the bodybuilding community took to social media to share their thoughts. Fellow bodybuilder Steve Kuclo posted a tribute to Sandoe on Instagram:

He wrote:

I’m in shock and stunned by the news I just received of the passing of the young legend [Luke Sandoe]. Not only would I consider him a close friend in the sport but I was also a fan of him as a bodybuilder and he was always a great sportsman. I pray for his family and the bodybuilding community he so loved. Rest In Peace brother!

Fellow IFBB pro Shawn Rhoden posted:

He wrote:

It’s with a heavy heart I am trying to write this post. Receiving a call this morning that my fellow #teamaceto friend [Luke Sandoe] is no longer with us, I am still lost for words. Seems like just yesterday we were talking as he react out to wish me happy Birthday. We never know what someone else is going through. I often joke around and call him the Juggernaut with a big heart. My thoughts and prayers for your love ones. 

The bodybuilding magazine Fitness Volt posted:

Fitness Volt wrote:

This is such a shocking news for bodybuilding community. RIP brother !!! Beyond saddened to report the tragic passing of IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. Our entire team is stunned and our hearts go out to Luke’s family, loved ones, and the entire bodybuilding world which he entertained in only ways he knew how.

The IFBB Arnold Sports Festival, also known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, where Sandoe competed in 2019, posted:

The page wrote:

Rest in peace, [Luke Sandoe]. Kind, funny, good-hearted and gone too soon. Luke finished third in 2019 Arnold Classic and co-hosted the 2020 Arnold Classic Webcast. He will be missed.

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