Joe Rogan Achieves Important Milestone While Mired in Controversy

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan


Popular podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan celebrated an important milestone on Monday amid growing controversies surrounding the 52-year-old outside the confines of the MMA world. Rogan posted via Instagram his thoughts and feelings about his 18th-anniversary of working as a UFC color commentator.

Rogan posted, “18 years ago today I did my first commentary for @UFC. I’ve had some really f*cking cool jobs in my life, but being a commentator for the greatest sport in the world is very high on that list. Thank you to @danawhite for talking me into doing it, @goldieontv for being my brother for life, and all the amazing people I’ve been so lucky to work with there! And a huge thank you to all the fans of the sport for the love and support over the years!!”

You can see Rogan’s entire post below, including the posted screenshot of his first color commentating gig with the company back in 2002 at UFC 37.5.

Rogan first started working with UFC in 2002 at UFC 12 where he worked as a backstage interviewer, and he’s grown into one of the company’s most recognizable faces.

But Rogan’s world outside UFC has been turbulent over recent months thanks to several bitter controversies.

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Rogan Under Fire for Face Mask Comment

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan expressed to longtime friend and comedian Bill Burr that following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guideline of wearing a mask in public was for “b*tches”.

That idea didn’t sit too well with many on social media who went hard after the podcaster upon hearing those remarks by using their social platforms to blast Rogan.

Rogan Bashed for Resurfaced Video Clips

Rogan was also bashed for a resurfaced video clip from a 2011 episode of his podcast that featured Rogan laughing at guest Joey Diaz bragging about only giving female comedians stage time at The Belly Room, a smaller stage at Comedy Store in Los Angeles, in exchange for sexual favors.

Again, Rogan was the center of a social media storm with calls to boycott and cancel his show among the most frequently suggested ideas.

Rogan’s $100 Million Podcasting Deal

Finally, Rogan’s massive financial windfall was sure to ruffle some people’s feathers simply because Rogan had signed a deal with Spotify that amounted to $100 million.

While many people in the United States today seemingly become enraged at seeing someone make so much money, that seems especially to be the case right now during a trying time when many people across the world are struggling financially due to the wide-reaching ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rogan revealed that signing such a big deal at such a difficult time felt “gross” to him but that hasn’t kept some on social media from ripping him over the matter.

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