Jon Jones Takes Another Step in Walking Away From UFC

Jon Jones


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones took another big step toward walking away from his UFC duties on Saturday when the 32-year-old revealed he was planning to go back to college soon.

Jones posted about his upcoming collegiate endeavors via social media.

Jones later answered fan questions about the matter on Twitter. Since he already lives and trains in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jones told one fan he’d probably end up going to the University of New Mexico or taking some classes online.

Additionally, Jones said he was just a few credits short of his Associate’s degree.

Jones previously attended Iowa Central Community College where he claimed the 197-pound National Junior College Athletic Association wrestling title in 2006.

Two years later, Jones made his MMA debut.

But the bigger news here is that Jones’ decision appears to be yet another big event that says Jones is serious about vacating his 205-pound title and moving on with his life outside the UFC.

If that wasn’t clear last week when Jones put the UFC’s president on blast, then it’s becoming even more clear now.

Losing Jones Would Be Massive Setback for UFC

Losing Jones would be a massive setback for the company.

He’s long been the top-rated fighter in the world, and he’s hardly even been tested for the majority of his career.

While Jones doesn’t compare in terms of pay-per-view numbers to the likes of Conor McGregor, the longtime king of the light heavyweight division remains one of the most consistent stars in the sport and he’s done that over the last decade.

Besides Jones is on the short-list of fighters who could be considered the best ever in the sport, and the reason he suddenly seems to be leaving MMA has less to do with anything Jones did and more to do with how Jones felt he was being treated by White.

Was Jones wrong for wanting to be paid more to move up to heavyweight to take on scary knockout monster Francis Ngannou?

And even if he was, did White have to play hardball with Jones in a way that led to the fighter feeling so underappreciated?

With the details currently available regarding the situation, it would seem the answer to both of those questions would be a resounding no.

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Jones and Other Major UFC Stars Leaving Company

And it’s not like it’s just Jones leaving right now.

Jones is one of the four major UFC stars that have recently decided UFC president Dana White isn’t making smart moves with his best fighters and biggest stars.

Over the last month, Jones, Conor McGregor, Henry Cejudo and Jorge Masvidal have all announced they’re walking away from the UFC in one way or another.

All four fighters held UFC belts at the time of their decisions, and none of them have indicated they’d be heading back inside the Octagon anytime soon.

Jones has been busy in recent weeks. He’s been involved in local charity work. He’s been adding muscle through rigorous weight training. He’s been sharing his thoughts and opinions about life inside and outside the cage.

And now he seems to be walking away from the sport he dominated.

Going back to college probably wouldn’t keep him from fighting if that’s what Jones wanted to do.

But he could have always done this before and never did.

Jones is going back to school because he’s may not be coming back to the cage.

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