Tiki Barber Called Out For Flip-Flopping His Take on Colin Kaepernick

Tiki Barber called out over flip flopping takes on Colin Kaepernick

Getty Colin Kaepernick (L) & Tiki Barber (R)

The tragic death of George Floyd has sparked nationwide protests and calls for reform. Drew Brees’ “insensitive” comments regarding the American Flag have enraged fellow teammates and players league-wide. Both have also rejuvenated the Colin Kaepernick-NFL talks, as numerous players, coaches and general managers have come to show their support to the ex-49ers quarterback over the past few days.

One of the notable names to voice their displeasure with the league’s handling of Kaepernick included New York Giants all-time leading rusher Tiki Barber. The three-time Pro Bowl running back took to his Twitter on Wednesday to call out the NFL for their unwillingness to put social injustice ahead of “the shield.”

The NFL was short sighted on Kaep. The league will be on the wrong side of history – a missed opportunity to be a leader on something that matters more than the shield.

However, as we all know, the internet and social media are undefeated. Barber’s replies were quickly littered with “receipts” of previous comments he had about Kaepernick, the majority of which carried a much different tone.

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Barber: ‘He Wants Special Treatment, and That Bothers Me’

Most of the backlash brewed from comments Barber made on his CBS Sports Radio Show, Tiki & Tierney last year, pertaining to Kaepernick’s NFL workout.

I commend Colin Kaepernick for what he’s done over the last three or four years. But God, he’s unlikable. And it’s frustrating to me because he has so much talent, and I actually don’t want to see him play on the football field.

I almost feel like Colin Kaepernick is taking on an entitled stance right now. At the end of the day, it is a privilege to play in the National Football League; it is not a right. Nobody is guaranteed the right to play in the National Football League. You have to be an upstanding citizen, for the most part. You have to be a good athlete. You have to be intelligent because there’s so much you have to learn. You have to be able to get along with your teammates. All these things that we talk about it takes to be an NFL athlete is earned. It’s not just given to you because you have this God-given talent.

It’s almost like he wants special treatment, and that bothers me. There’s so many players who, if everything went perfectly right in their existence, would never get this opportunity to have a full open workout with scouts . . . and here’s my chance to make it. Nobody gets that. Colin got it, and he acted like he didn’t appreciate it. It’s off-putting.

Fans Drag Barber for Changing His Tone

While some applauded Barber for his take on Kaepernick and the NFL as a whole, others were quick to peg the former Giants star a hypocrite for his previous comments.


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