Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury: ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore’

Heavy Boxing Champion Tyson Fury


There is only one Tyson Fury and his latest social media post shows that truly is the case at home as much as it is inside a boxing ring. The lineal heavyweight boxing champion abruptly ended his live workout on Wednesday after consistently airing them via Instagram since the start of quarantine.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Fury said as he got up to put on his watch.

Although it was expected the workouts would eventually come to an end, no one expected Fury to simply stop smack dab in the middle of one and walk away from doing them. But that’s exactly what happened.

After Fury declared he could no longer keep streaming the workouts, he said farewell to the many people all over the world that watch the workouts live via Instagram and left his wife Paris Fury alone on the living room floor.

Paris was a bit put off about being abandoned mid-workout in front of a live Instagram audience, and she made sure to let Fury know about it.

“You’re an a–hole!” exclaimed Paris.

Paris then turned to Instagram to say, “People, this is what you’re dealing with: a stubborn, 30-year-old, man-child stuck in the house with ya.”

Seeking consolation, Paris turned on the comments so she could invite viewers to share what they “think of Tyson Fury’s a–hole ways”, and asked, “Should we have a public b-tch about him?”

Instead, Paris got a good dose of encouragement from viewers who wanted to see her finish the workout on her own.

So Paris continued the workout, then spoke directly to Instagram to give out her own dose of encouragement. The champ’s wife said she hopes everyone would continue these types of daily workouts even as quarantine slowly comes to an end.

You can watch the whole video here or view clips of the scene via Michael Benson below.

Fury and Paris Refreshingly Authentic

Fury and his wife began live workouts via Instagram when the COVID-19 outbreak sent the world into lockdown. The world was able to see the heavyweight champion maintain his disciplined workout regime even while being unable to go to a boxing gym, but they also got snippets of day-to-day life for the Fury family.

If there is one thing that draws the attention of the public, it’s authenticity. Both Tyson and Paris are gifted with the aptitude to deliver up authenticity no matter what. From their interactions with each other, with fans and with their children, these two just can’t help but be themselves. And during a time when so many celebrities work really hard to maintain a certain public-facing veneer, the genuineness of the Fury family is a breath of fresh air.

This dedicated workout schedule has also been a look inside the newfound way of living for the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Gone are the days of giving up all discipline in between fights. Instead, we now have a heavyweight champion who appears to be in fighting shape year-round.

Fury and Anthony Joshua Agreed to Terms

Fury may have abruptly left his live Instagram workout, but he’s in no way leaving boxing. In fact, a huge fight between the Gypsy King and fellow titleholder Anthony Joshua is on its way to becoming a reality according to a new report published by Sky Sports earlier this month.

Per that report, “Britain’s rival champions have been holding talks over an undisputed world heavyweight title fight and have thrashed out initial terms for two blockbuster battles.”

Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn, who represents unified champion Anthony Joshua, told Michael Bridge, Richard Damerell and James Dielhenn that it was “fair to say” Fury and Joshua had agreed “in principle” to face each other to crown the first undisputed heavyweight champion in boxing in 20 years.

Hearn suggested Fury facing Joshua would be a once-in-a-generation event.

“It’s the biggest fight ever in British boxing,” Hearn said. “It doesn’t get bigger, and there will never be a bigger fight in our generation.”

Fury relayed the same message via social media when he confirmed the massive news to his followers.

That said, Fury and Joshua have unfinished business apart from each other, so their bout is anything but set in stone. But what Hearn wants everyone to know is that both sides have agreed on the financial terms of the fight and that there will be at least two fights.

Fury vs. Wilder 3 Still Ahead

Fury convincingly stopped Wilder in the 7th round in February in the much-anticipated rematch of two superior heavyweight champions.

The two had previously fought to a controversial split draw in December 2018. Although Fury largely outboxed the American power puncher for most of the fight, Wilder scored two knockdowns late in the fight, one in the 9th and another in the 12th, and judges ruled the fight a split draw.

In the rematch, Fury completely dominated Wilder and did it with such authority that many fans don’t believe a rubber match is necessary.

Wilder doesn’t seem to agree as he has adamantly enacted his rematch clause to make the third fight happen. The American had hoped to fight Fury July 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed that back to at least December.

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