Bears RB Displays Amazing Footwork, Puts League on Notice: [WATCH]

Chicago Bears RBs David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen

Getty Chicago Bears RBs David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen

David Montgomery is looking mightily explosive these days. The second-year running back for the Chicago Bears has been putting in some major work this offseason, with a focus on his footwork — and the early returns show a shifty back who could be very hard to contain if his offseason grind translates on the field.

Trainer Rischad Whitfield — also known as the Footwork King — has been working with Montgomery this offseason, and he shared a few videos of their sessions on his social media pages. Whitfield, a former football player who saw his career end in college due to injury, went on to become one of the best and most respected trainers in the business, and this is what he had to say about Montgomery’s skill set:

“Sudden quickness. Brings power to the table. Can hit any move and stay balanced. He always keeps his feet moving.” You can see exactly what Whitfield is referring to in the clips he shared.

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David Montgomery’s Footwork Looks Better Than Ever…

Whitfield’s client list is beyond impressive: Le’Veon Bell, Deandre Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr., Emmanuel Sanders, and CeeDee Lamb have all worked with him, and now, so has Montgomery. You can watch Montgomery running some pretty impressive footwork drills in the videos below:


“I tell the guys all the time, just getting up to go train, that won’t get you better. But, when you laser-in on a specific goal, they’ll see themselves skyrocket past any competition,” Whitfield said this February. It appears he and Montgomery have been laser-focused on footwork, and the results look very, very good.

David Montgomery on Twitter: “I’m Done Being Nice!”

Montgomery is far more quiet on Twitter than, say, Tarik Cohen, so when he makes a statement, it tends to stand out a bit more. He did just that last week when he tweeted, in all caps: “I’M DONE BEING NICE!!!!”

Montgomery seems to be putting the league on notice, letting them know they can expect a bit of a breakout in his sophomore season.

He said earlier this summer that he feels much more confident having a full year of experience under his belt, and that confidence coupled with his offseason work could lead to big things for the running back. “Me not being solely a complete rookie and me going in with the unknown that, ‘I don’t know any of the offense,’ or me going in with the unknown that I don’t know if I’ll play or not. [Or] me going with the unknown of not knowing if I will get carries or not, or worrying about all the small stuff that doesn’t even matter anymore,” he said about the uncertainty he faced during his rookie campaign in 2019.

“I can really get to playing football now because I’m a year in and I’m a lot more confident. I’m ready to go have fun.”

And by the looks of things, (if he stays healthy, of course), Montgomery is about to have a whole lot of fun running over opposing defenses.

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